Surround yourself with other super women, just like you, to incorporate self care rituals in your daily practice, to gain clarity as you create a dreamboard (a visual map of your life's desires), and to learn how to manifest more of what you want and truly deserve in life.

To begin our series, we created the half day Self Care Retreat in June, where you will join Maile, owner of Aila Love, to learn how to incorporate specific essential oils into your self care practice. And you will leave with a Self Care Dreamboard, lead by Tiare Thomas.

The Clarity Retreat, held in July, will be the second of our series. We designed this half day experience focusing on Clarity to help you to get a deeper sense of what you'd like to attract in your life. Maile will be working hands on with you to learn how to create a focused environment for you to use when in need. Tiare will lead you in a Lifeboard session, covering nine core areas of your life. You will leave with essential oil goodies and a Lifeboard created by you.

And for our last retreat of the summer, we crafted a special and full day of Manifesting just for you. Maile has put together a beautiful arrangement of manifesting through essential oils with you. Enjoy a lovely lunch and meaningful conversations with your self care leaders and like minded women on the Patio of Pineapple Patio. After lunch, Tiare will lead you in a light guided meditation and share life long collection of dreamboarding and manifesting tips and talk about what to do after you've created your dreamboard. And to end the evening, Emma will join us to lead you in a crystal bowl sound healing to activate and charge your dreams.


Aloha Dreamboard's founder, Tiare Thomas, will be a featured guest speaking at this years Wanderlust Festival's Speakeasy. A dream come true for us as it was recently put on Aloha Dreamboard's company dreamboard!

The Speakeasy is Wanderlust Festival’s lecture series on subjects pertaining to the mindful life. With an inspiring lineup including prominent authors, yoga teachers, musicians, health experts, business leaders, and filmmakers, the Speakeasy provides a casual setting for speakers to offer a short lecture and respond to attendees’ questions. It’s a chance to interact with, and learn from, some of the most engaging thinkers at Wanderlust.

You can find Tiare Thomas at Wanderlust in the "Speakeasy" from 2:00pm - 3:00pm on February 25th, 2016. She will speak for an hour on Mastering The Art of Dreamboarding. She will share tips on Dreamboarding as well as her personal story on her dreamboard journey. Also joining her are a few special guests for a panel discussion and Q&A. We hope to see you there! And inspire and motivate you towards your journey of pursuing and living your dreams - with intention. 

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Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed about what to do with your life? Are you seeking a more purposeful, more balanced life? Or are you simply looking to enhance your already awesome life? 

MAD Seminars

In this 2 hour seminar Dream Coach, Tiare Thomas, will discuss the fundamentals of how this revolutionary process of Dreamboarding works and why it is so important. She will be covering these specific topics as well as sharing her secrets of Mastering The Art of Dreamboarding.

  • Obtaining clarity in your life
  • Creating a more harmonious flow of energy and balance in your life.
  • Learn tips on mastering The Art of Dreamboarding for a more effective dreamboarding experience
  • Q&As with Dream Coach, Tiare Thomas & Special guest
  • Introduction to Dreamboarding
  • The Power of Dreamboarding
  • The Power of Meditation
  • The Power of Intention setting 
  • The Power of Visualization
  • Connecting or Reconnecting with your passions & purpose
  • Discovering your Desires &Dreams

MAD workshops

Join Dream Coach, Tiare Thomas, as she leads a three hour workshop to help you connect or reconnect with your passions & purpose, discover your dreams & desires, and focus on balancing multiple areas in your life, through Mastering The Art of Dreamboarding. Ms. Thomas will highlight a visual framework for you to learn how to organize, prioritize and manifest your dreams, while merging a variety of practices including, meditation, visualizations, intention setting, Feng Shui and mindful Dreamboarding.


In this workshop, Dream Coach, Tiare Thomas will lead you through a

Guided Meditation, Intention Setting, & Visualization Exercises and Dreamboarding using Feng Shui


Here's what you can expect:

  • Group guided meditation to create a more focused and peaceful dreamboarding experience.
  • Intention setting & visualization exercises to discover and be clear on your desires.
  • Implement Feng Shui to your dreamboard in order to obtain clarity and create a more harmonious flow of energy and balance in your life.
  • Build your dream life with a visual dreamboard creation, made by YOU, to take home.
  • Learn tips on mastering The Art of Dreamboarding for a more effective dreamboarding experience.
  • Q&As with Dream Coach, Tiare Thomas & Special guest.
  • All materials are provided - just bring your dreams & inspirations!

“My goal is to help people connect with their passion, purpose and dreams to create a life they truly want to live. My dream is for their dreams to come true!””

— Tiare Thomas, Dream Coach, Fashion Stylist, Model & Owner of Aloha Dreamboard

Aloha dreamboard & Lily Lotus presents

Set your intentions, find your focus and create a map to
a LIFE YOU LOVE at our Dreamboard Workshop.


Our intention in providing this workshop is to inspire others to realize their dreams, even ones that have always seemed out of reach, by gaining clarity through discovering ones intentions and building your dream life. Tiare will guide you in using mental focus techniques and visualization to help solidify the dreams and aspirations you will manifest on your Dreamboard. She will provide quality and meaningful tools to teach students how to organize, prioritize and manifest their desires using her knowledge of the Feng Shui Bagua.

Workshop includes:

  • Guided meditation, intentional setting & visualization exercises led by Tiare Thomas
  • Guided Feng Shui Bagua practice led by Tiare Thomas
  • Visual Dreamboard creation by YOU!

All materials are provided - just bring your dreams & inspiration

BONUS extras include:

-20% off all purchases at Lily Lotus Boutique for attendees the day of the workshop.

LOCATION: Lily Lotus 3632 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, HI.  96816 

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