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10 hours

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Complimentary 30min consultation

BONUS: Includes 1 Dreamboard Kit

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It is a common thread that people living in this new world of technology, high stimulation and chaos, are tired of being tired. They find themselves repeating the same mantra, "I don't have time to..." rest, relax, have fun, and the list goes on. They suffer from lack of self-love. They feel overwhelmed, a loss of inspiration, passion, and purpose. Some even begin to feel like zombies. If you feel like we just described what you feel like you are going through, Congratulations on taking the first step, being aware of the issue at hand. Now it's time for you to take the second step. A step that will allow you to build the framework to a life you desire to live. And when your vision is set, your whole world will change before your eyes. It's time to take control of your life again, get back to what you value and connect with your purpose.

Let's get back to the basics. This 90 Day Connecting with Your Purpose Program was designed for those who are looking for clarity on their life purpose, reorganizing their thoughts and desires, and are seeking for an accountability partner to keep them motivated and on track.

Take advantage of dream coach and certified life coach, Tiare Thomas', seven years of dreamboarding experience and hire her as your dream coach, life coach, and business coach. She will guide you through eight simple and intensive steps towards living a more purposeful life. This is an opportunity for you to take a step back to reset, refresh, realign, and design the life you wish to create for yourself and live it with intention.

Each private coaching session will include an eight step process, using coaching techniques and tools for you to take home and implement into your everyday life. 

Step 1: Meditation

Step 2: Power of Intention

Step 3: Visualization Exercises

Step 4: Feng Shui

Step 5: Dreamboarding

Step 6: Mantra/Retraining of the Brain

Step 7: Manifesting


We believe everyone has the power to create the life they dream to live and ultimately to be happy. It's through leaders like yourself, who make the choice to step into their power, create their dream life, and live it, that will give others permission to do the same.