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As the New Year was fast approaching people began thinking about their lives and the dreams they hoped to achieve. To help motivate people on their journey, YELP got in touch with Aloha Dreamboard Founder and Dream Coach, Tiare Thomas. They requested an interview with Tiare to be aired on New Years Eve on KITV 4 Island News. 

Aloha Dreamboard Founder, Tiare Thomas interviewed by KITV host 

Aloha Dreamboard Founder, Tiare Thomas interviewed by KITV host 

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With five stars and 26 raving reviews people on YELP value Aloha Dreamboard for creating the space to help them break down personal barriers, think about their goals (not just superficial ones, but true ones) and providing a tool to map out, manifest and stay accountable to their personal visions.

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Reviewers expressed that they left feeling rejuvenated and excited after their Dreamboard session and many agree that it is a powerful and revealing process. One reviewer commented that he was not aware of the "detail and the ritual that you go through to manifest your dreams" and it's true!

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Dreamboarding is not easy work, but who said living your life to it's fullest potential was gonna be easy? The good news is that we're not alone. With Tiare's calm and guiding presence we will feel like we can conquer the world and do it with intention.  It's clear that YELP reviewers are enthusiastic about Aloha Dreamboard. Check out the interview below:

Behind the scenes at KITV // Hair and Makeup by Kecia Littman

Behind the scenes at KITV // Hair and Makeup by Kecia Littman

Behind the scenes at KITV


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“It’s just the mindset that I get into. It’s meditative. Art is the only thing that gets me into that mindset of just letting go. Letting go of fear and judgement of myself and what my art becomes and I become the best version of myself. I become trusting in myself. It’s the only time when I’m fully like that.”

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Jessica Ando has always held a passion for art. Ever since her childhood, she would design cards, playing with fonts and lettering. Growing up, she expanded her artistic skills to photography, jewelry, sculpture and music. College allowed her to experience sophisticated art classes and even study art history and sculpture in Florence, Italy. While she worked towards getting her masters in art therapy, Jessica admired her classmates’ artwork and style. “At that point I didn’t know what my style was yet, so everything I saw, I wanted my stuff to be like that.” But once she let go of that mindset, the artist allowed herself to experiment with art to see what she could create and what type of style she held. Once Jessica went into the flow of things, she found her style.

After attending college and graduate school in the mainland to study psychology, studio arts, the artist returned home to work as a counselor doing art therapy with her patients at Hospice Hawaii. “It was a perfect combination of everything that I liked, counseling and art.” She enjoys the therapeutic feeling and creative process that art provides her. “It makes me feel very alive.”

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In December 2014, Jessica participated in the Moanalua Christmas craft fair, selling her rocks and watercolor paintings. “I always had made art but just for myself. This was the first time where I made the decision to put my art out there and it felt like I was stepping into the identity that I am an artist.” Thus began the start of Blissography, the brand Jessica gave to her artwork of watercolors, feathers, dreamcatchers and inspirational words. The word “Blissography” comes from the word bliss and the artist’s connection to the phrase “follow your bliss.”  With her brand, Jessica has a space to express her authentic self through art. Every piece she creates puts her into a state of flow where whatever comes out into her artwork represents her best self. “As long as I keep creating from this space and just being authentic, real, and having that trusting feeling, my artwork will go to wherever it needs to go or to whoever needs to see it.”

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The artist enjoys drawing and painting the most, specifically dreamcatchers, the moon, horses and feathers as her creativity usually gets drawn to Native American looks. People can usually tell her art apart from others as Blissography features earthy tones, universe sparkle and a celestial looks to the pieces. Jessica also creates unique stone pieces with different images or phrases. This began when she took paint pens one day and wrote on landscaping stones. She enjoyed the energy of it and the idea that stones could not hang on the wall.  

“It makes me excited when I think about Blissography. Just the feeling I get from creating makes me excited everyday. If I get an idea or image throughout the day, it’s like I can’t wait to get it out.”

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As she prepared for the New Year after the art fair, Jessica saw an advertisement for Aloha Dreamboard’s upcoming workshop. Aligned with what she needed, the artist attended her first workshop in January 2015. “Being an artist and being creative is a part of me that is growing more and more each year. Since I went to the workshop, I learned more about what dreamboarding was; the significance of it, the feng shui, guided visualization and meditation. I found that to be very helpful.” As a visual person, the biggest aspect that Jessica enjoyed came from the process of looking for pictures and words. “I really like the visualization that she guided us through because that really helps with seeing what you truly want. It helps with confidence. I leave the workshop leaving and holding that visualization. It’s a really empowering process.”

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“With Tiare, with her energy she brings and the way she does her meditations is something that I wouldn’t have been able to do myself. Setting that intention and visualizing with your mind and doing that first and then going into dreamboarding helps. On an individual level, I could do the same myself, but with her, the whole experience is put into one board. I like being able to visually see something that is appealing. With Tiare there is more depth. With her presence guiding you and sharing her story and her vulnerability is inspiring.”

“If I were to do things on my own, I could talk myself out of it. With Tiare’s workshop, I felt the confidence in what I wanted to achieve and she is someone that truly wants to genuinely see you achieve your dreams. Anytime that you are around someone that believes in that, that helps you too.”

“Dreamboarding workshops help you move into the space and balance of knowing what you want and be really specific and free to say what you want in life. Letting go of what you want to be is important too. I find joy in setting intentions and letting go and trusting. You have the added energy and manifesting is fun to do. You're setting intention and kicking action and trusting what’s going to happen around you and seeing the people who are going to come into your life. It’s also the universe helping you as well. It’s like an ultimate collaboration and that makes me feel really and feel that natural high. Dreamboarding is powerful.”


Dreams Jessica has manifested since she began her journey with Aloha Dreamboard:

  1. Blissography grew into a fruitful business where Jessica participated in the Haleiwa Arts Festival and wore a nametag with her name and title “artist” underneath.

  2. She received more inquiries from customers on how they could purchase her artwork.

  3. The artist also developed new relationships with people she met because of her art.

  4. Because of Blissography, Jessica gained self-confidence as an artist.

  5. The artist checked off her list of qualities that she wanted to find in her ideal partner when she met Chad, her current boyfriend at the end of 2015.

  6. Jessica now can say that she has a life that she loves and in a place where she feels more at home in her body.

“Every year, I have a new focus on the different parts of my dreamboard and it’s exciting to watch what will come out of it.” Jessica’s current manifestations include wanting to feel fresh and becoming ready to receive financial abundance. “With dreamboarding and manifesting, it is important to acknowledge your talent and see the joy in life, and the service you are doing and giving.”

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“I’m still working on it, but really knowing and truly believing that you are worthy of having a wonderful life. We sometimes have these roadblocks in life, fear, and what I have learned is that we can really have good times in life and we can see and feel the ultimate joy. We can be human, see what life is about, and experience all the love, joy, and peace that we can experience. We can all have that. I feel like that is what dreamboarding ultimately helps people get to that. People can open doors during the workshop. It’s a healing experience all around.”

Jessica hopes to continue growing in her connections within the creative community in Hawaii and in the mainland. She aspires to create a mural somewhere, even if the mural becomes displayed in a store. You can find Blissography art pieces at Lily Lotus or by simply messaging Jessica on her Instagram account or email below.

The Papaya Exchange: Gifting with Intention

With the Christmas season upon us, we wanted to officially welcome our new neighbor to the Pineapple Patio and introduce you to the business!

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Janean Abbott started out working as a school nurse for a year and spent her summer break doing web design work for clients. By the time a new school year came around the corner, she realized that she could make more money from web design and working from home so she transitioned into a new career.

For the next few years, Janean put her energy into building a business offering her services as a virtual administrator for small companies. She eventually began creating gifts for her husband’s clients on the side and then for her virtual administrative clients for fun about four years ago. “Every year my husband wanted to send gifts to his clients so he would find promotional items online. I would help him and each year I would put a little bit more thought into it and instead of getting one item, I would beginning curating different things,” the business owner shared. It was doing this experience that she became inspired to support local businesses when picking out items for the gifts.

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About two years ago, Janean debated about going full-time with her gifting hobby but decided to sit on it and watch how it trended on the mainland. It didn’t quite pick up here so I was just waiting and seeing when a good time would be.” Finally, The Papaya Exchange started as a full-time business in July 2016 and launched its first official product online in November 2016. All of the skills that she learned from her virtual administrative business helped her in designing all the custom packaging and the logo designs for her new gifting shop. “It’s one thing to put all these gifts into a nice box but when it’s customized and personalized, it’s so much more fun!” Since then the official launch of the business, Janean has encountered various people who see the gift packages she would make and ask about her services.

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“The way that I launched our gift shop was by taking holiday pre-orders so from November to the first week of December, people could order online. I didn’t have to buy all the inventory upfront because I didn’t know how many orders we would get. We were just starting,” Janean explained. Only having one product in the beginning, The Papaya Exchange slowly grew to now having an array of products from local businesses around the island. Some of the most popular products the gifting shop carries include honey, candles, coasters, sea salts and tea towels. “But as a small business there is only so much inventory that I can carry so I try to keep some foundational products that we carry year-round and then three to four times a year try to bring one or two products in.” When it comes to looking for new products to add into the mix, Janean shares that she constantly searches for different hashtags on Instagram, following as many local businesses as she can, attending different markets and keeping an eye out for what’s on the market.

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Each time people request for client gifts, Janean goes through a process of sitting down with the business and ask them questions of what they look for in the package, what they want their customers to feel when they open the box and questions of that nature. “We let the products be a part of the story rather than just picking a few fun products to put into a package.” She does the same with individual gifts, asking the people who they plan to give the gift to, information about the person and what they want the gift to communicate to the recipient. When it comes to gifting with intention, Janean compares it to slow cooking. “You’re not in a rush. It’s a process instead of just checking a person off of a list. It’s about the relationship you have with them and being thoughtful about the person you’re gifting and how are you giving back to the local community. We’re like a broker between the two.”

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While The Papaya Exchange continues to grow, Janean stated, “we want to continue to grow with our client gift so working with other local businesses to help with their gifting needs. We are in the process of also networking with local hotels.” In the meantime, she continues to express her appreciation for having a working space at the Pineapple Patio. “I like that it’s a hybrid space so it’s not full retail but it’s also not just office space. It provides a good balance for me personally to have that space where I can create and invite other people into but can also step away from everything or just close the doors and go home.”

For more about The Papaya Exchange and their gifting services, check out their website at:

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