LOTUS 8 in Tokyo

A Message from our founder and Dream Coach, Tiare Thomas:

I'm so grateful to have had the perfect amount of people who participated in our dreamboard workshops over the weekend.


I love sharing this practice with people in Japan. It warms my heart to hear their stories and share their dreams in class.


This has been my third year here teaching dreamboard workshops. Lotus 8 was the first venue to believe in us.

今年で3年目となる日本での開催。一番最初に開催をさせてくれたのは、Lotus 8 さん。日本では、まだDreamboard と言うのが知られていない中、Dreamboarding に信じて下さいました。

This practice has been around for a long time, yet there are so many people I come across that are unfamiliar with it. So, when we have breakthroughs with them and show them a different perspective on life and the power of our thoughts, it brings me so much joy.


I love pushing others to think outside of the box and seeing people grow their dreams. I'm still and always will be working on this for my own personal life. So having a team to share this practice together really keeps me going.



This year, the owner of Lotus 8, Izumi, was so nice to translate for this particular class. She did an amazing job! Mahalo  Izumi!

Lotus 8 のオーナー、イズミさんが今回は通訳をして下さいました。素晴らしい通訳、有難うございます!



We are so grateful & happy to be growing & expanding our workshops each year. I can't wait to see what happens next year.