Dreamboard Session with Romulo Francesca

Thank you Romulo Francesca for taking the plunge into creating your own reality!

Aloha Dreamboard, LLC. representative, Aikido instructor and Dream Coach, Erik Harris held a private dreamboard session at Hale o Harris. Mr. Harris invited our client Romulo, a big wave surfer and server at Tiki's Grill & Bar, to start the session by leading a short guided meditation. Romulo's daughter and Aloha Dreamboard intern, Marina, was there to play time keeper.

The idea behind meditating before manifesting your desires, can best be described as a rock being thrown in a lake. The “lake” represents your consciousness, and the “rock” represents a thought or desire. If the lake is calm and at peace, when you throw the rock in the lake you will be able to see the ripples roll in all directions. But when the lake is turbulent, no matter how many rocks you throw you will see no ripples. Meditation is used to calm the lake.

Romulo was very open to Aloha Dreamboard’s synergistic approach of combining Feng Shui and vision boarding.  He did a great job of asking questions and using his mind’s eye to visualize what he wanted, as he wrote it down.  

We are looking forward to seeing Romulo bring his dreams into reality!