BEAUTY INTERVIEW with Founder & Formulator of ZENZIVA

by Kecia Littman, Beauty Coach & Aloha Dreamboard Editor

by Kecia Littman, Beauty Coach & Aloha Dreamboard Editor

Aloha Beautiful Dreamers,

My name is Kecia Littman. This is my first post on Aloha Dreamboard and I want to thank Aloha Dreamboard for providing me the opportunity to share my love for all things beauty. I am a professional makeup artist in Hawai‘i and I work on many different facets in the makeup industry. I am also a life coach and with the synergy and fusion of my work, you could say that I am a “Beauty Coach”.  

I’d like to invite you to join me as I step into the world of individuals who share personal experiences, thoughts and tips on their beauty secrets and rituals to embrace and highlight their inner and outer beauty.

Imagine looking beautiful and feeling beautiful on the daily. If this sounds like just a dream and far out of reach, then let’s find out what we can do to learn from these individuals to turn this dream into our own reality.

Today I’m so happy and honored to introduce a soul sister of mine, who has brought my skin and soul vitality and clarity. She is literally a mermaid goddess, with beautiful long golden wavy hair. She carries an energy that, if you’re ever in her presence, will lift your vibration to the next level!  

Meet Andrea Berset, owner and creator of “ZENZIVA.” In this dream beauty interview, we discuss SELF LOVE and beauty care:

KL: To me, you are a natural beauty inside and out. Did you always feel beautiful?

AB: Beauty is definitely a mind set.

There are days that I might feel like I do not look my best, however I know that I am still beautiful. Being gentle with myself in every moment and giving love to whatever aries, even the big pimples is key:) ha!

There has been many times in my life where I did not feel beautiful. I have gone through peaks and valleys in life, and it has been through the “dark times” that I found myself losing my self-confidence.

I now understand the BENEFIT of these up’s and down’s as the contrast keeps me grateful. It does not make it easy though, what I have learned is to be very gentle with myself. To be my own best cheerleader. The only one who can continuously stoke my inner fire is me. It has been a relief and a blessing to grasp this idea.

I am now able to fully step into my power & take responsibility for how I feel.

KL: Does feeling beautiful and looking beautiful go hand in hand?

AB: I believe I can’t have one without the other.  I am the source of how I feel, and the way I look is how others perceive me. Therefore as I understand this and stand tall in the gifts I have been given, I will embody the most RADIANT ME. I practice focusing on the traits I love and let go of the ones I don't love.

What you focus on expands, focus on your strengths and they will grow far beyond that which you can imagine. You are all that matters, and however you FEEL is how others will PERCEIVE YOU.

KL: Did you ever dream to feel more beautiful?

AB: Of course!

Growing up I most definitely did not fit the social images of what society said was beautiful! I am petite, fair skinned and with freckles. I longed for a tan, big boobs, & height in my early years.

It’s so interesting how the grass feels greener on the other side. Fortunately I have had many women mentors in my life teach me the truth about beauty.

We are ALL so beautiful & unique in our OWN right, not only our outer beauty but inner beauty as well! Therefore when I started to look for my beauty strengths & accept myself as I am, and focus on that, I started to recognize and see myself as beautiful.

Now I know how beautiful I am. If someone else doesn’t think so, it does not bother me anymore, because I truly KNOW IT and honor it.

KL: What helped you to shift into feeling more beautiful?

AB: It is in the regular practice of nurturing and appreciating my body. I believe whatever we practice we master. And mastery of self love has been one of my dreams for quite some time.

KL: What is your beauty ritual?

AB: I have many rituals. They can be summed up into intentional loving self-care.

I indulge in an evening cleanse and exfoliate with the gold dust powder that I hand-craft at home. This removes the dead skin and any build up I acquired throughout the day. I add a drop of pure essential oil to the concoction for an extra aromatic & luxurious experience.

Afterwards, I gently press about a half dropper of my U’I Oil onto my face, neck and hands. And liberally slather the formula on under my eyes. This healing serum repairs and regenerates skin cells overnight with the help of the Helichrysum essential oil, known the world over as the “ fountain of youth.”

In the mornings I just do a warm water splash and a moisturizing mist, that I also make. Before I put on makeup I press the smallest amount of the U’I oil into my damp skin and tap plenty under my eyes for the makeup to stick properly.

A few times a week I indulge in a body loving chocolate body scrub ritual, in nature, to exfoliate & hydrate myself and feel connected to mother earth.

I love knowing that the ingredients in the scrub are all food for the skin, and so I liken it to feeding my skin with nourishing goddess food. As Chocolate has been a preferred super food throughout the ages, and a little known secret that is it A-MAZING for external beauty as well.

While indulging in this sacred act, I use the power of my hands to heal any pain or smooth out any roughness in my skin. The love from your heart is extended into your hands and gives you the ability to use your hands as self-care tools.

Anything with intention has power in it and on the back of the scrub package is instructions for performing your own beauty ritual no matter where you are.

KL: What has that journey done for you?

AB: ZENZIVA has helped me to realize that I am the center of my world. As I honor and respect my true self with loving self-care, I have the opportunity to discover every aspect of myself.

It is in the space where we ceremoniously surrender the parts of ourselves that are holding us back, that new ideas and aspects of ourselves can be revealed. I never knew this before.

As I have created a regular practice of asking what is not serving me and then letting it go with intention, I have found a pathway into truly loving myself like I never have before.

Allowing the layers to unfold in divine timing gave me a glimpse into the part of me that is my true self. The next step is fully embracing and accepting every aspect of this.

Treating my skin care regimen as a sacred act has created the space for these revelations to occur.

KL: Did you always have this beauty ritual?

AB: Absolutely not!

ZENZIVA has been such a gift in my life. Allowing ourselves to feel worthy of pampering and personal time is no doubt a luxury most people feel they cannot afford. It is just the first step in the self-love journey.

I was conditioned to think of self-love as “selfish.” I used to think that self-love was liking the way I looked and felt. I now understand what true self-love is. There are so many layers beyond that! As is beauty and our understanding of it.

One thing I know for sure is that no one else can see our beauty if we do not first see it within ourselves. Truly seeing myself as beautiful is the first step in my beauty ritual.

KL: What does self love mean to you?

AB: Self Love to me is the mastery of practicing genuine care for myself.

Which translates as being in love with who you are in this moment, while still being patient & gentle with who you are becoming. Blossoming into the radiant bloom that you are, one petal at a time.

KL: Aloha Dreamboard's mission is to enhance universal happiness. What brings you universal happiness?

AB: Uplifting and Inspiring others to honor and embrace their true selves is one of my super powers!

We all have individual powers, and mine is the enthusiasm I have for aiding others in seeing their beauty, their power, and standing in the glory of that place!

Such a blessing and I am so grateful to have discovered one of my passions in life, excited for more to be revealed!

KL: What inspires you?

AB: Other people’s strengths, journeys and their vulnerabilities. I love witnessing people’s miracles and magical transformations that occur.

When people share from their hearts in the scrub rituals I offer, I stand in awe of how powerful we all are. And how we all go through the similar things at different times. I love learning from everyone’s wisdom!

To facilitate the sharing circle in the beauty rituals I lead is so rewarding. It gives us the opportunity to discover each other and new aspects of ourselves we have yet to conceive!

KL: What gives you confidence?

AB: My spiritual work!

I was very confused before about spirituality vs religion for, what seems like, forever! The opportunity to begin a regular practice of forming my own beliefs and understanding what that means has helped me to trust myself and my intuition in ways I was so lost on before.

Beginning a regular practice of meditation & prayer have helped me in ways I could never express with words.

KL: What advice would you like to share with this new generation of females who desire to be beautiful, regarding beauty and self love?

AB: Do the inner work now. Investigate the part of you that is triggered or hurting by others. Look at it deeply and stare it in the face with courage.

As we embrace the shadow within us, we turn it around and it then has no power on us!  When we nurture our inner selves and give love to ALL aspects of who we really are, we will discover the beauty and love that we seek and miraculously find it hidden within ourselves.

Such a blessing to have learnt this for myself. My prayer is that everyone is able to receive this information and implement it into their own lives with grace and gratitude.

KL: Thank you Andrea for sharing your time and energy with us!

To learn more about Andrea and her company ZENZIVA, click here

Also, in our next blog post, Andrea will share her secret beauty tips, where she blends organic skin care products and her spiritual practice. 


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