The Beauty of Micro-Adventures

I noted in my previous post, Dream Adventures- Planning For Your Next Big Travel, that one of my most life changing trips was my first solo international travel to Australia. I had taken a Lonely Planet book cover featuring the Sydney Opera House and placed it right in the middle of my vision board months before booking my one way ticket. It was thrilling, exhilarating, and yes, a bit scary. But my penchant for travel far outweighed any fear that had me thinking I should hold off, or hold back on the trip. However, I recognize that the fear is real, and that many people experience it.  Even to this day when I tell people about my independent back packing trip I'm met with, "Really? I could never do that?" or "That sounds awesome! I wish I could I do that." Truth is, you can! If you're willing to work with your anxieties.


I recently returned from a backpacking trip to South America and put the breaks on traveling for a little bit. It's nice to relax into stability and ground after a lot of travel. Being at home was what I needed to recharge and energize. By staying in town (Seattle, WA), I realized there were so many small adventures to be had within miles of my house! I got to thinking that this might be a good way for people with an adventurous spirit, but maybe a fearful mind, to get stoked on micro-adventures within the safety of their own city.  Start small, begin where you are, and plan out a bold day with activities you've never done before but have always wanted to try.  For me this looks like strolling around the city to unfamiliar areas and working on my photography, and volunteering my photo skills for a local non-profit.

So even if you've got big lofty goals all over your vision board (and you should!) don't be opposed to taking small steps to get there. Try on a micro-adventure and watch yourself work up the courage and confidence for a MAJOR adventure! 

What ways can you incorporate small explorations into you life? What major adventures do you have on your vision board? Share in the comments below! 

Keep exploring, 


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