3- QUICK & EASY ways to kick your dreams into high gear!

1. Your emotions speak louder than words ... so get a grip!

Positive affirmations and speaking your dreams out loud is a powerful practice. But saying one thing and communicating vibrationally on another level isn't going to get you where you want. Your feelings must match your words. It takes practice to increase your own believability, but this is key to becoming a masterful Manifestor. Get this right, and you will have the whole world at your fingertips.

2. Focus on the good stuff

What brings you JOY? What makes you want to belt out the lyrics of your favorite song? What melts your heart? What makes you do the happy dance? Focus on what you want not what you don't want. If you notice yourself focusing on the negative, be thankful for the realization that whatever it is that is consuming your energy doesn't make you happy. Practice feeling good about everything, even the negative thoughts because they give you insight. Shift your perspective, find the silver lining. 


Just like meditation should not be reserved to the cushion, your dreams are not tied to your vision board. Put your vision board in a prominent place in your home, look at it every day, bring them to life, take them with you wherever you go. Practice communicating with the Universe, because guess what? It's always listening ;-)