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Ever wondered how Life Design Coach Tiare Thomas came to start Aloha Dreamboard? Ask yoga instructor, jewelry designer, musician and mother Noelani Love.

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Noelani spent her summer vacations with her grandparents in Hawaii and fulfilled her dream of moving to Hawaii after college. “It is where my heart felt happiest.” Sure enough, the move to Hawaii pushed the beginning of her blooming into the beautiful, inspiring and empowering woman that she embodies today.

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Noelani did not waste any time as she jumped into starting her professional modeling career and continued building her jewelry business. The dreamer has always considered herself as an artist and started making jewelry as a side hobby. While she attended college, she became inspired to participate in a service trip to Nicaragua and used her jewelry to help fundraise for the trip. The young entrepreneur sold her jewelry in the cafeteria where she realized that it could become a lucrative business. Sure enough, when she moved to the North Shore, she continued making jewelry, selling at craft fairs and farmer’s markets. Eventually the business grew tremendously to the point where she received the opportunity to have a storefront.

“I see my jewelry as a reflection of all of the work that I do. I love empowering people, particularly women, with the healing power of the crystals, to activate their own beauty and light that they shine out into the world.”


Within a year of her move, Noelani met her son’s father and became pregnant at the age of 24. While going through the process of planning her son’s birth, the young woman yearned to find other pregnant women to connect with as she did not have any friends within her circle who experienced pregnancy. One day, she came across a sign for pregnancy yoga classes and decided to try it out so she could become friends with other pregnant women who could understand her experiences as a first time pregnant woman.  

When deciding on how to give birth to her son, Noelani originally planned on going to the hospital until her neighbor talked about the possibility of having a home birth. After doing some research on her own, the expectant mother decided on giving birth from the comfort of her own home. “It was a super empowering experience. Many women have no idea how powerful they are because they are not given the opportunity to experience their power.” Reminiscing back to the experience, the proud mother explains how she hired a midwife to help her through labor and could do whatever she wanted to do while going through the labor pains including going on a walk at the beach and tending to her garden because of the breathing education she received beforehand. Because of this experience, Noelani has become inspired to also help women tap into the same empowering experience and hopes to assist them through the process by teaching breathwork, toning and yoga for expectant mothers in the future.


After giving birth to her son Aukai, Noelani began to take Mom and Baby Yoga classes,  and eventually started to attend yoga classes on her own when Aukai became old enough to have a babysitter. One day in yoga, her yoga instructor asked the class to start chanting along with the music, and out of nowhere, Noelani found herself starting to sob. Asking herself where the tears came from, she began to process how her life has turned out; from getting pregnant at a young age, needing to grow up early and going through a divorce with her son’s father. With that all in mind, Noelani decided within the next year to sign up for a 200-hour yoga instructor certification in India despite not having any intentions of becoming a yoga teacher. “But as soon as I started the training, I thought to myself, this is so powerful and I have to share this information with my friends and family when I go home. I’m going to be a yoga teacher.”

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When she returned to Hawaii, Noelani opened up her own yoga studio and retail shop to teach yoga and showcase her jewelry designs. Shortly after giving birth to her son, this newborn mother decided to learn how to play the ukulele, taking lessons at Haleiwa Beach Park. She eventually took what she learned to her yoga classes, sharing yogic mantras from yoga teacher training while playing along with the ukulele at the end of each class. She would even sing mantras to her son as a baby. The aspiring musician dreamed of performing for larger audiences, and one day recording an album. Surely enough, she received an invitation to attend and teach yoga and play music at Wanderlust Festival, along with an invitation to assist a friend at a women’s yoga retreat in Bali. During her stay in Bali, the yogini attended an ecstatic dance event at a yoga studio and met a producer who gave her the opportunity to record music for her album of mantra music. “These sacred mantras have very special meanings that are activating us and connecting us to all of the qualities of creation and consciousness so I sang them to Aukai.” Her passion for mantras became the driving force behind recording an album of ancient chants from yoga lineage and two Hawaiian chants.

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Outside of creating a substantial career out of all her passions, Noelani holds a love of spending time in the ocean, between swimming, surfing and freediving. This love led her to meeting Tiare through MySpace in 2009. The two friends connected on social media over their appreciation for one another’s photos of surfing and time spent in the water that they decided to meet in person one day. Eventually, Tiare asked Noelani to model for her magazine launch party, and the two leaned on one another as they went through their divorces together. One day, Noelani invited Tiare to a vision board party at her friend’s home where Tiare spent hours creating her vision board. Soon after the two dreamers would constantly call one another saying, “Oh my God, it’s all happening!” Their dreams slowly became realities and eventually Aloha Dreamboard came to life.

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“Dreamboards are really about creating this visualization like a road map of this is what I want, this is what I envision, this would be amazing. But you don’t have to know the how or the why or even the when. For me, you just never know.”  

“I love how she incorporates the feng shui and how she asks about your core values so you know the intention behind all the things that you’re wanting to manifest, not just simply wanting something but knowing why you want something.”

“I like the direction, the instruction, she really gets you thinking, really asking yourself important questions that you wouldn’t normally want to ask yourself because it can be quite uncomfortable to really dive into our deepest desires. I love the writing portion of it too because I love to journal, I love writing so anytime I get a prompt, it helps me to write.”

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Dreams Noelani has manifested since she began her journey with Aloha Dreamboard:

  1. Teaching at Wanderlust

  2. Becoming a Lululemon ambassador

  3. Lots of travel including Tahiti, Bali and India

  4. Swimming with dolphins

  5. Performing at the Bali Spirit Festival

  6. Learning and speaking Olelo Hawai’i

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With becoming a master of manifestation, Noelani hopes to continue expanding her jewelry business, gaining more wholesale accounts, creating conscious concert events to incorporate yoga, sound healing and jewelry, and working on creating an online program to empower women through birth and mantra. She hopes to design more experiential jewelry while also providing the proper launch of her album.


If you want to continue following Noelani along her journey, check out the following accounts: