Self Care & Manifesting Summer Retreats

Surround yourself with other super women, just like you, to incorporate self care rituals in your daily practice, to gain clarity as you create a dreamboard (a visual map of your life's desires), and to learn how to manifest more of what you want and truly deserve in life.

To begin our series, we created the half day Self Care Retreat in June, where you will join Maile, owner of Aila Love, to learn how to incorporate specific essential oils into your self care practice. And you will leave with a Self Care Dreamboard, lead by Tiare Thomas.

The Clarity Retreat, held in July, will be the second of our series. We designed this half day experience focusing on Clarity to help you to get a deeper sense of what you'd like to attract in your life. Maile will be working hands on with you to learn how to create a focused environment for you to use when in need. Tiare will lead you in a Lifeboard session, covering nine core areas of your life. You will leave with essential oil goodies and a Lifeboard created by you.

And for our last retreat of the summer, we crafted a special and full day of Manifesting just for you. Maile has put together a beautiful arrangement of manifesting through essential oils with you. Enjoy a lovely lunch and meaningful conversations with your self care leaders and like minded women on the Patio of Pineapple Patio. After lunch, Tiare will lead you in a light guided meditation and share life long collection of dreamboarding and manifesting tips and talk about what to do after you've created your dreamboard. And to end the evening, Emma will join us to lead you in a crystal bowl sound healing to activate and charge your dreams.



Self Care Retreat

Sunday, June 25th - 4:00PM - 8:00PM

Clarity Retreat

Sunday, July 30th - 4:00PM - 8:30PM

Manifesting Retreat

Sunday, August 27th - 10:00AM - 5:00PM