Dreamer of the Month: Salina Storozuk

Meet yogini, entrepreneur and earthling Salina Storozuk.

photo by Eric Rosso, clothing by Lily Lotus

photo by Eric Rosso, clothing by Lily Lotus

Before settling down in her peaceful life in Hawaii, Salina moved around a lot as a military child and unconsciously yearned for stability in her life. Initially, this yogini found solace in her relationships and went through long-term boyfriends. Right before encountering Aloha Dreamboard, Salina moved around within the United States with her boyfriend at the time and worked in the film industry. But when she got out of that four-year relationship, the heartbroken girl returned to Hawaii, lost and confused on what her purpose in life comprised of. 

“I was very confused and wanted more clarity in my life.”

One day, Salina met up with Tiare, founder of Aloha Dreamboard as well as one of her best friends, to catch up on things. Salina confided in Tiare about her stresses and frustrations. Knowing how her good friend felt, Tiare insisted Salina to come over to her house for a dreamboard session. This would become a pivotal moment for Salina as well as the beginning of where Aloha Dreamboard first began. Willing to give it a try, Salina became Tiare’s first client and wanted to obtain more clarity and direction for the next chapter in her life. Explaining her intentions back then, Salina remembers her first dreamboard inhabited surface-level thoughts, including getting into a new relationship, having a new career and ways to thrive in life on her own and not living just to get by.

photo by Eric Rosso, clothing by Lily Lotus

photo by Eric Rosso, clothing by Lily Lotus

“My dreamboard was like a mirror. It was a reflection of what was in my head, my heart, my thoughts, desires and dreams were there and images that I chose to go with them. It was a practice, an awareness, or consciousness or like seeing this is what I want.”

It took a few years to see the bigger results of Salina’s dreamboard, but the process helped her hone into what she truly wanted out of life. The more sessions she did with Tiare, the more Salina would leave feeling clear with her intentions. And after years of commitment, focus and investing in her personal growth, Salina now owns her own yoga company, Flo Yoga Hawaii, LLC, teaching at hotels in Waikiki to tourists from around the world. Salina also manifested one of her dream jobs, working full-time at Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, a heart disease reversal center. An opportunity which gives her the ability to educate people about yoga, meditation, nutrition and provide a support group for lifestyle transformation.

“Spirituality is the foundation, what drives me. My core values revolve around spirituality, health, and well being.”

Since she started the dreamboard sessions with Tiare, Salina’s life has consisted of a lot more simplicity, which also shows in her more recent dreamboards.

“They used to be visually cluttered. Images I choose are simple now and the clarity behind them is more solid.”

The yogini entrepreneur came from humble beginning, living a financially unstable lifestyle, struggling to afford a fulfilling life and home. She was working in the film industry as a producer prior to leaving the industry for her love for yoga and health.

“Yoga started as a self care hobby and flooded into areas of service to others, the community and friends, and prosperity.”

When doing a dreamboard session with Tiare in comparison to doing one alone, Salina shares that the Aloha Dreamboard owner goes in-depth, starting from the core and asking deeper questions about each section of her clients life. She has them make lists of qualities that they want to experience, what they truly want. Tiare will ask them where they want to put their energy towards in their life, what they want to achieve, and what they want to put their hearts and minds to. “It’s empowering and inspiring. She has helped increase my self-esteem. I leave feeling more motivated and inspired, having clarity, knowing what I want and what my purpose is.”

“It’s the key to receiving the right answer or insight to what I want. She catches me on the surface and probes a little deeper in a compassionate way. It’s the love I receive and the reflection, to have someone that believes in me and provides a warm loving platform.”

One of Salina's recent and big manifestations comes from the prosperity section of her dreamboard. She placed a peaceful, serene, clean and comfortable home as a sign of prosperity and abundance.

Salina called herself a “gypsy soul,” moving many times in life to different houses, apartments, multiple times. “Finally, in the last year, I have found a home that feels amazing and it's been on my dreamboard for so long.”

What’s next for Salina?

“I am deepening my spiritual practice.”

She wants to have a little more time to continue learning more about herself and higher self. Since her journey with Aloha Dreamboard began, Salina has been focusing on deepening her meditation and spiritual path. She believes this will contribute towards building a stronger foundation and will lead towards strengthening her internal happiness and fulfillment, specifically with her own meditation practice and connection to divine practice.

"It's the foundation and root of everything else in life."

She also hopes to achieve all the yoga poses she placed on her dreamboard as it relates to hard work, dedication and commitment to learning and mastering yoga lineage and tradition.

“It’s like planting the seeds with images on the dreamboard. They manifest without me even knowing or consciously saying that it’s going to happen.”

To Salina, Aloha Dreamboard provides a community and group of people looking to transform their personal lives and make a positive contribution to the world. This community feeds Salina and motivates her to keep going in her life.

“My connection with Tiare is very special, she really cares about me and my dreams. She is like that with everyone she works with. She is able to give care and love for others and gives them the ability to go after their dreams.”
“It has really helped me get to know myself, my values, and what truly matters to me in my life. It’s been a real journey to self discovery and being authentic, not compromising, and staying true to myself. The structure that Tiare has created, the services she offers and the process she shares has helped me to get to know myself deeper and live from an authentic place. I’m truly grateful to Aloha Dreamboard. I feel like it’s going to be a lifelong relationship between myself and what Tiare has to offer because it has benefited me so much. I believe in what she’s doing and I want it to help many other people too.”
Salina Storozuk, Yogini & Founder of Flo Yoga Hawaii recently spoke at TEDxHonolulu about the Flow State.

Salina Storozuk, Yogini & Founder of Flo Yoga Hawaii recently spoke at TEDxHonolulu about the Flow State.

Dreams Salina has manifested since she began her journey with Aloha Dreamboard:

  1. A peaceful, serene, clean and comfortable home that looks out to the valley and she is able to meditate in nature.
  2. Starting her own business, Flo Yoga Hawaii, LLC where as an entrepreneur, Salina has the opportunity to give back to the community and teach others to incorporate health and wellness in their lives.
  3. Simplicity in her life and the ability to contain clarity and spiritual lifestyle through mediation and yoga.
  4. Obtaining clarity and knowing her purpose in life
  5. Balance in her schedule for more self-care to do more things for herself such as going to a Chinese Acupuncturist and getting massages every two weeks.
  6. A secure, full-time career at Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine

Coming from a scattered lifestyle of go, go, go, Salina found her solitude and clarity towards determining her life's passion through Tiare’s dreamboard sessions. Not knowing exactly what she wanted out of life, this yogini and entrepreneur developed general ideas which became more and more clear and concise over time. Over the years, her goals and dreams slowly became a reality and when looking back on life, Salina could not become more grateful for how much she has grown. From obtaining her dream home to owning her own yoga business, this dreamer has made her way into manifesting her ultimate dream life filled with clarity, spirituality and self-care. How about you dreamers, are you ready to take the next step into manifesting your ultimate lifestyle?

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