Dreamer of the Month: Andrea Berset


“When you’re a pioneer in your field and you’re doing something that has never been done before and you have no guidebooks, self-doubt can really creep in a lot, and having powerful women entrepreneurs in my life like Tiare made me think, Yeah I can do this.”


Originally from west Texas, Andrea Berset always dreamed of living in paradise. She would drive 12 hours every summer to go to the beach in south Texas. She felt drawn to the nature system, intelligence and shamanism in Hawaii. At six years old, she became diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and took various medicines for her condition. “I had an intuition that Hawaii had an alternative healing as I was on a mission to find a cure to my disease so I don’t have to take any meds anymore.” Andrea would try anything to cure her disease from changing her diet and her lifestyle just to get rid of it. She attempted to try herbs, dieting, acupuncture and cleansing but nothing worked until one day, she learned about essential oils.

“I started using fragrances, creating do it yourself products and made my own essential oils using a company called doTerra.” She hated the pain in her body and wanted to get rid of it. One day, her practitioner told her to embrace it and accept it and that became the moment where Andrea felt a huge weight lift off of her shoulders. The practitioner taught her a compassionate traditional Hawaiian practice called, Hooponopono, to help heal her body, telling it, “I’m so sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

“I felt like my body was a warrior and my practitioner asked me, have you ever thought maybe the pain just wanted love?”


All those years of doctors poking her and how she hated her body disappeared as Andrea began to love her body again. This process became her self-realization of loving her body. “Your body is your home.” She turned it into a self-love ritual and did the chanting while rubbing on a chocolate body scrub that she created while searching for a cure. Andrea began to see pain as a gift and began to love herself more and the pain eventually lessened. Zenziva then began when Andrea wanted to share her self-love lifestyle with the rest of the world through her chocolate body scrub and chocolate body oil products.

“I loved the word bliss and started to look up a Sanskrit word for bliss and found ziva. I wanted to add another word to part with it. As I went to the Niu Valley one day, I thought of the word zen. I realized that we’re all in this circle of life where a lot of things happen around us. With one side being bliss and one side being balance, balance creates bliss.”


Andrea shares that her chocolate body scrubs literally scrubs away everything we do not love about ourselves. It shows a symbolic act of shedding to unveil your true self. To share her self-love lifestyle business and products, Andrea holds chocolate scrub circles which last for 30 minutes, where individuals have the opportunity to spread all their love and mana from their hands to their body. It became one of her chocolate scrub circle experiences that brought Andrea closer to Aloha Dreamboard founder Tiare Thomas. The two women’s mutual friends introduced them to one another and “ever since we met, Tiare and I have been instant sisters. She has really helped me believe in all the possibilities.”


After Tiare showed interest in her chocolate body scrubs, Andrea brought her products for Tiare to use at a waterfall during her visit in Maui. The Aloha Dreamboard founder instantly fell in love with the product. She eventually even asked Andrea to help assist for a liberation retreat with Kamalei and Noelani where she learned about the dreamboarding sessions.

“Watching the session made me think, wow, I’ve never seen a dreamboard with so much clarity and intention.” After a few days, Tiare organized a retreat in Maui so Andrea and her team could experience a dreamboarding session. “It was mind boggling. She’s so detailed, so organized and structured. And I didn’t know you could Feng Shui a dreamboard.” The Zenziva owner describes the session as uncovering layers of your soul, what you want in life based on your soul and what it wants.

“Tiare helps you take it down to your heart and your soul and the passions in there that you really want to express, what you believe is possible.”


Dreams Andrea has manifested since she began her journey with Aloha Dreamboard:

  1. Zenziva products have become featured in the 4 Seasons Spa for over a year now. The spa would buy chocolate scrubs in bulk along with the oil so visitors from around the world can also experience the self-love lifestyle.

  2. Andrea received an opportunity to go on a month long trip to Mexico and encountered all kinds of romantic experiences. This eventually inspired her to start an online travel magazine.

  3. The Modern Luxury magazine featured Andrea’s self-love lifestyle business, Zenziva, alongside Tiare Thomas.

  4. Andrea’s little sister Lindsey began creating cutlery boards, picnics, wine bags, and did photoshoots which Zenziva used for its marketing.

  5. After a year of not seeing one another, one of Andrea’s friend returned from Paris and gifted her a bracelet that looked exactly like the one she put on her dreamboard.


“This is what I love about dreamboarding. It’s better than what you could have ever figured out. You don’t have to think about it. You have to want it, trust it, and then you have to let it go, really let it go.”

After a long journey of finding a cure for her condition, Andrea discovered that the ultimate cure came from love. Now she hopes to spread that same feeling of love towards one’s body with the rest of the world through Zenziva. She aspires to travel the world and manifest opportunities of becoming invited to different places of the world to spread the message at hotels, spas and at retreats as a retreat leader. “When we learn to love and accept ourselves, that is when our perception of the world really changes.”

Check out Andrea Berset and Zenziva on the following outlets: 

Website: http://www.zenzivaliving.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenzivaliving/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zenziva/


How do you dreamers practice self-love?