Dreamer of the Month: Andrea Berset


“When you’re a pioneer in your field, doing something that has never been done, and you have no guidebooks, self-doubt can really creep in. Having powerful women entrepreneurs in my life like Tiare, inspired me so much to believe, Yes! I can do this.”


Originally from west Texas, Andrea Berset always dreamed of living in paradise. She would drive 12 hours every summer to go to the beach in south Texas. She felt drawn to the natural intelligence and shamanism in Hawaii. At six years old, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and took various medicines for her condition. “My intuition led me to Maui for the alternative healing modalities. I was on a mission to find a cure to the arthritis so that I would be free of my reliance on western medication.” Andrea tried everything from changing her diet, to taking herbs, doing acupuncture and powerful cleansing, but nothing worked until one day, she discovered plant medicine: essential oils.

“I started using the oils, creating do it yourself products and made my own skin care products using the oils.” The essential oils were the first wellness tool she ever had that helped her connect mind, body and spirit. She hated the pain in her body, the medication she was on and felt trapped with no way out. One day, she visited a reiki practitioner who blew her mind when she told her to embrace this disease and accept it as her gift. That was the moment where Andrea felt a huge weight lift off of her shoulders, when she allowed herself to surrender for the first time. The practitioner shared with her a compassionate traditional Hawaiian healing chant called, Ho'o' pono pono, to help heal her body. The chant is known worldwide: “I’m so sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

“I didn't realize how much I was at war with my body until the intuitive reiki practiotoner asked me, have you ever thought maybe the pain just wants love?”


All those years of doctors visits and her disdain towards her body disappeared as Andrea changed her perception. This process of forgiveness and healing became her self-realization of having a loving relationship with her body. “Your body is your home.” She started a regular practice of self-love and care using her chocolate body scrub. Andrea began to see her body in a new light, as a warrioress who has survived all the years of her own criticism and judgement. From that day forward she was free of the medication, love was the answer!

She had already founded ZENZIVA and was quite successful with her skin food collection when Andrea realized how important it is to share the self-love lifestyle with the rest of the world through the chocolate scrub and its body loving message..

“I love the word bliss and found the Sanskrit word that translates to be, Ziva. I knew it needed another aspect to the name, so one day, I was walking to Iao Valley and the word Zen popped in. ZENZIVA represents the ying and yang of life, without balance we cannot have bliss. ZENZIVA is my daily mantra to keep my lifestyle in balance. so that I may also experience bliss."


Andrea shares that her chocolate body scrub can be used as a tool to literally scrub away everything we do not love about ourselves. It shows a symbolic act of shedding old layers to unveil your true self.  The chocolate body scrub experience in nature is what brought Andrea closer to Aloha Dreamboard founder, Tiare Thomas. The two women’s mutual friends introduced them to one another and says, “From the day we met, Tiare and I have been instant sisters!  She has really helped me believe in all the possibilities.”


Tiare used the chocolate body scrub at a beautiful waterfall on a visit to Maui and had a trans-formative experience. The Aloha Dreamboard founder instantly fell in love with ZENZIVA and its message. She later asked Andrea to help assist for a liberation retreat with Kamalei and Noelani where she learned about the dream boarding sessions, and Andrea led one of her powerful chocolate scrub healing circles.

“Watching Tiare in action, I was like, WOW! I’ve never seen a dreamboard with so much clarity, intention and purpose.” Inspired by what Tiare teaches they organized a retreat in Maui so Andrea and her team could experience a dreamboarding session. “It was mind boggling. Tiare is incredibly detailed, organized and structured in her formula for dream boarding. Feng Shui for a dreamboard was a totally new idea to me.” The ZENZIVA founder describes the session as uncovering deep layers of your soul and discovering your true purpose in life.

“Tiare helps you access areas of your heart and soul through proactive questions that you do not normally have access to. She will pull out your deepest passions hidden in your "idea of what you think you want,"  to discover what you truly want to express in this life."


Dreams Andrea has manifested since she began her journey with Aloha Dreamboard:

  1. ZENZIVA products are featured in the 4 Seasons Spa for over a year now. The spa buy's the chocolate scrub in bulk along with the Hulali body oil so visitors from around the world can also experience the self-love lifestyle.

  2. Andrea received an opportunity to go on a month long trip to Mexico and encountered all kinds of romantic experiences.

  3. The Modern Luxury magazine featured Andrea’s self-love lifestyle business, ZENZIVA, alongside Tiare Thomas.

  4. After a year of not seeing one another, one of Andrea’s friend returned from Paris and gifted her a bracelet that looked exactly like the one she put on her dreamboard.


“The best part about dreamboarding the Tiare way, is that she gives you permission to totally dream from your heart. To not try and figure out how with the mind, but to instead just play and allow your heart to guide you as you cut out images. This allows your dreams to unfold in a beautiful bread crumb trail for you to just follow in wonder and awe. Lastly, learning how to truly let go and trust that, Its all happening as you relax and let it."

After a long journey of finding a cure for her diagnosis, Andrea discovered that the ultimate cure came from within her. Now she hopes to spread that same feeling of love towards one’s body with the rest of the world through ZENZIVA. She aspires to continue to travel the world and be invited in to different places worldwide to share, “When we learn to love and accept ourselves, that is when our perception of the world really changes.”

Check out Andrea Berset and Zenziva on the following outlets: 

Website: http://www.zenzivaliving.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenzivaliving/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zenziva/


How do you dreamers practice self-love?