Feng Shui Your Office with Clear Englebert

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Feng shui expert Clear Englebert has made feng shui a part of his life for 25 years and has professionally practiced it for over 20 years. He teaches feng shui and has written six books in five different languages to educate individuals around the world how to incorporate it into their daily lifestyle. The feng shui guru initially learned about the practice in the 90’s but at the time, the only feng shui knowledge available to him revolved around birthdays and the cardinal points, north, east, south, west.  

“That was the only kind of feng shui that was available and in detail, in the west. In the east there were probably all kinds of feng shui,” Clear explained.

In the 90’s, the other form of feng shui available was known as form school, the oldest form of feng shui based on the flow of energy. This relates to the landform around the home or inside the home as well as the form of the room. Form school can go into detail as far as the location of the room, its window and the furniture inside and whether or not it has a sharp angle or a curve. Form school focuses on the form of things and how that form affects energy.

“For example, imagine a canoe going into water. Imagine how it is shaped, its form lets it go through it. Now imagine a canoe shaped like a rectangle trying to go to the water, what a hard time it would have going into the water. That is what form school is about; how its form affects energy flow.”

Once Clear understood the different ideas of form school, he started practicing it within his own life. His jaw dropped, amazed that everything the book said to do happened. “Whatever the book said was going to happen, happened.” He wanted to spread this to his friends and Clear eventually started practicing feng shui professionally. His first job regarded a lady who owned a bed and breakfast in Waipio Valley. “This is my bread and butter. I go into people’s homes or offices and help them with feng shui. If I didn’t do that, I would write books.” The feng shui expert even moved to the Bay Area because people achieved more success with feng shui there and he wanted to learn more. A lot of feng shui remained in Chinese so Clear needed to learn how to read the language in order to understand what people said about it.

The most interesting aspect of feng shui that fascinates Clear would come from the idea of it having the ability to help people find the love of their life, find the person that is right for them. Feng shui helped him find his husband, along with obtain his own website for free and assistance with writing his first book all within the first year of practicing feng shui. The biggest thing that Clear appreciates comes from the fact that he has a life that he loves living in Hawaii.

“I give credit to paying attention to the energy of furniture around me, the flow and the space in how they are designated in the home. Feng shui basically affected my life in positive ways.”


Clear has seen people take his advice and have prospered from it. “That’s why I do this, I see the results. No matter where you are planted, whatever place you are in, make it so fabulous feng shui wise and the universe will put you into a much beautiful place.” He shares the importance of acting on feng shui; the effect on life will become more profound if you give it about three days after implementing even a small act of feng shui into your life.

Experience feng shui Clear Englebert’s teachings and how he can help you with implementing feng shui into your own life starting with your work space! On February 10, 2018 from 6:00-8:30 pm, undergo a detailed tour of the Aloha Dreamboard office from a feng shui viewpoint and receive inspiration on how you can implement the practice into your own work office. Learn about the do’s and don’ts of feng shui and get ready to transform your lifestyle for success!