Dreamboarding & Brunch At Herringbone Waikiki


This past Sunday, Aloha Dreamboard manifested the opportunity to host a dreamboard workshop at Herringbone in Waikiki! The opportunity came about when the restaurant approached Life Design Coach Tiare Thomas about doing a workshop. Ecstatic, she agreed and before Herringbone could even start officially marketing the event, the workshop sold out and began a waiting list.

With an Instagram worthy location to set the mood, this mini workshop session fit the perfect Sunday activity for ladies of all ages to come together and support one another in their goals and dreams. Aloha Dreamboard’s first workshop collaboration with Herringbone attracted about 20 women who felt ready to focus on themselves for a few hours and discover their true desires in creating their dream life. The atmosphere in the space truly embodied support and empowerment as the participants opened up to one another and shared what came up for them during the guided visualization and journaling portion of the workshop. They encouraged one another as they showed each other their dreamboard work in progress. To end the event on a perfect note, everyone stayed for lunch and continued to make connections over a delicious meal.


Tiare hopes Aloha Dreamboard will continue this collaboration with Herringbone and expand its workshop services to cater to the Japanese tourists. To stay in the know when the next Herringbone workshop will take place, visit our Services page or sign-up for our weekly newsletter.

In the meantime, take a peek below for an insight of this beautiful workshop opportunity at Herringbone.


Photo Credit: Lance Arinaga