Andrea's Top 7 Beauty Tips

In the last blog post, I reached out to founder and formulator of ZENZIVA, Andrea Berset, to find out about her experiences with beauty from the inside out. I'm sure you may be curious to know more about what her daily regimen may be in order to maintain that beautiful inner and outer glow she radiates.

Here, Andrea shares her top seven beauty secrets and tips to nourish the soul and enhance self love.


1. Regular EXFOLIATION has been a total skin saver for me! That is why I created the Gold Dust as it is such a GENTLE way to exfoliate your delicate skin. Also, the Chocolate Scrub is so incredibly hydrating that I use that from head to toe many times a week.

2. Proper MOISTURIZER is key to supple skin. Finding one that works well with your skin is a gift from the heavens! The U’I Oil is so light and absorbs so quickly that it is perfect for this Hawaiian Humidity.

3. I love to MIST all the time! So refreshing and rejuvenating! I am stoked to be in the final stages of development for mist that is very near and dear to my heart, to share with all of you!

4. I indulge in a FACE MASK a few times a week. Whether it be local, raw honey + essential oils, clay or smashed fruit like strawberries.

5. No doubt regular MEDITATION, YOGA, BREATHING, and DANCING can be huge contributors to the light that shines from within you! I recommend indulging in these activities as much as possible!

6. I take a few things internally as I am a firm believer in PROPER DIGESTIVE HEALTH, as being a foundation of vitality. I drink apple cider vinegar every morning & evening. I take the doTERRA probiotic daily. I also drink a teaspoon of sacred clay and diatomaceous earth every morning & evening.

7. It’s important to nurture my inner desires. I love to spend time reflecting on the dreams I have placed with intention on my Aloha Dreamboard life board. I have made it a regular practice to lovingly gaze over the images and imagine them as having already happened. Such an important technique I have added to my morning and evening self care daily practice. It keeps me focused on what my true self would like to accomplish.

Over the years I have experimented with so many things and right now these inner beauty rituals are working perfectly.


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