Angela Aguirre

Womens Soul Circle

A magical moment with goddesses...courageous, nurturing and loving women from all parts of the island gathered at our Women's Soul Circle in the backyard of the Harris residence in Kaimuki earlier this week. We laughed and cried, as we shared profound stories and tightly kept secrets of our past and impactful life lessons we've learned throughout our journeys.

Angela Aguirre, Life Coach, Leadership Coach, mother, wife, and my personal dear friend, flew in with her family from LA. Angela and I usually plan a workshop or meet up every time she's in Hawaii. So during this visit, we chose to host a Women's Soul Circle, something Angela recently began hosting in LA this year.

We started the evening activities with a casual meet and greet and tasty light pupus under our big beautiful mahogany tree in the backyard. 21 of us (including my French bulldog, Whiskey and the Harris's pit bull, Aka) cozy'd up on blankets and pillows on the green grass lawn in a giant circle. One by one, we went around the circle introducing ourselves and shared our intentions.

As the daylight began to fade and evening approached, Angela announced the theme of the night, "courage over comfort." She explained that it can be easy to stay in our comfort zone, but in order to step into our greatness, sometimes it means being courageous enough to leave the comfortable place we are in. And then she opened up our story sharing session with sharing her own personal secrets, leading into a technique called "reflection mirror.” The intention ➡️ to deepen our confidence through vulnerability, to release, to heal, while still leading with our heart and to be a better listener.

A sense of love, connection and grace radiated through every woman as they either shared or listened. There were stories of pain, hardship, suffering, regret, and grief which all lead to resilience and ultimately the path towards self love. And at the perfect moment, a light drizzle passed by. It was almost as if the Universe decided to be a part of our cleansing process, shedding away the pain from these old stories some of us have been carrying since our early childhood.

At about 8:00PM, I looked up at the night sky. The stars were sparkling and our circle of women turned from new or old friendships to a tribe of women we can now call our soul sisters. I kept hearing in my heart and also externally from the women around me, "I don't feel so alone anymore."

Soon our soul circle came to a close and a sense of deep gratitude came over me. I left that evening, feeling inspired and excited to continue hosting more women gatherings to provide a safe space for more women to release and connect.

This was an experience that reminded me of how important it is for women to get together and more so, the power of having a soul sister. As women, we have a natural tendency to want to support, nurture, comfort and love. And when we gather together in a safe space, share, and raise each other up, amazing things happen. We inspire each other to choose courage over comfort, stepping into our true greatness.

Goddess Gathering and Soul Cleanse

If you left our last women's gathering wanting more or missed it and can't wait to join our next one, we have a Goddess Gathering and Soul Cleanse planned for August 20th. In fact, we have a special guest flying in from Maui to host an experience you'll want to make sure to save the date for.

21 Days of Meditation

Our favorite spiritual duo, Oprah & Deepak, launch another inspirational meditation journey.

Today begins their free 21-Day Meditation Experience, Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit, created for you to discover what truly nourishes your entire being and lift the heaviness that has held you back from being your best self.

Don't feel like doing it alone? We have a few options you may just be happy to act on in order for you to take a step towards learning and deepening your practice in meditation and mindfulness.


If you are new to meditation and feeling a bit shy, reach out to a close friend who you believe would enjoy learning something new and calming with you. Learning new things with a dear friend is not just fun, it can also deepen your relationship.


Search for meditation meet ups or a mindfulness community near your neighborhood. This is something we highly recommend for those who are new to meditation. Joining in on a group meditation sitting can help you to focus and keep discipline during meditation. It can also be comforting to have direct access to a meditation guide who is there to help you break down and understand meditation techniques and the foundation of meditation.


  • Bodhi Tree Dharma Center: offering weekly and monthly varieties of meditation sittings in Nu'uanu on Oahu lead by monks and meditation guides from across the globe. 


Pai leads an Insight meditation sitting every Saturday. A practice of cultivating higher levels of self awareness, inner peace and spiritual growth through the cultivation of mindfulness.  Through mindfulness, we learn to be aware of each present moment without clinging or aversion. From this state arises clear seeing, wisdom, and compassion.


  • Shine From The Inside Out: A new and fresh mindfulness community in Los Angeles, CA., was created by life coach, Angela Aguirre, organizing meet-ups, personal shares, and linking up with like-hearted individuals in inspiring places who all share a desire for a purposeful adventure. 

Today Aguirre hosted a hike in Los Feliz to kick off day one of Oprah and Deepak's 21 Day meditation challenge. Click here to find more about Aguirre's meet ups.




So you've googled, called around, hunted and done everything possible to find a mindfulness community or meditation gatherings near home and still no luck?! Have you heard of that saying, "If you build it, they will come."?

Think of this discovery as a great opportunity to take matters into your own hands and start your own group. Even if you begin with meeting up with just one or two friends, creating your own routine meet ups to meditate at your nearest park or a quiet place indoors, is all you need to begin. Organizing these meetups can help all participants involved strengthen their relationship with meditation, themselves, and the community. It's a WIN, WIN, WIN!