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Dream Adventures- Planning for Your Next Big Travel

Imagery and words associated with travel have always taken up a majority of my dream board. One of the most pivotal and life changing trip I’ve ever taken, was my first solo international trip to Australia. I remember purchasing a Lonely Planet guide book of the country, thumbing through it for ideas and tearing off the front cover to place it on my dream board. 

A view of downtown Sydney from The Sydney Bridge

I would look at that image of Sydney’s Opera house and think about all the ways this trip would be different from past travels.

  1.  This was not going to be a  2 week vacation. I decided early on that I wanted to be there for an extended amount of time. I would be quitting my jobs and become a backpacker with a loose agenda. I wanted the freedom to stop when I wanted, and linger in a place when I chose.
  2. I would go alone.  I was drawn to the idea of an independent adventure and stepping outside my comfort zone.
  3. I would purchase a one-way ticket, and figure out the rest as time went on.  

I placed the image of Sydney’s Opera House on my board and then I proceeded to manifesting my dream trip. 

I’m a huge believer in goals so part of my manifesting and planning phase included setting a few concrete goals that included a departure date and budgeting how much money I wanted to save. From there I opened up a second savings strictly for travel. I initiated a direct deposit from my job so that a percentage dropped into my “Australia Adventure” fund every two weeks. I started telling people about my plans, and my dream (that was quickly turning into a reality) became even more real. And the more I told people about it, the more help I found and the more my trip began to organically unfold.  A good friend knew someone I could stay with on the Sunshine Coast. I met someone through my work who was a recent transplant to the country and we exchanged numbers to meet up while I was there.

The Sunshine Coast, AUS 

The Sunshine Coast, AUS 

Things began falling into place when I kept visualizing, believing in my dream to make the trip independently, and stayed open to the abundance and options that were showing up.  I even happened to save enough miles before my trip to have my one-way ticket paid for! 

Hanging with the locals at the Koala Sanctuary 

Hanging with the locals at the Koala Sanctuary 

In my last post I wrote about inner dialogue and how fear and doubt can keep you from living your dreams and goals. My dream trip could have easily been deterred if I had I listened when my mind said, “the timing isn’t right” or “I should save up just a little more money” and“what happens if I leave and everything changes while I am gone?”

But I was aware that this journey was already in motion, that it was one of my hearts deepest desires and that it would transform me in ways that I couldn’t even image at the time. I was willing to move forward when doubt and fear stood in my path.  

Have you been thinking about taking a big trip? Is their anything holding you back? Here are some ideas to get you moving forward with manifesting your adventure! 

  1. Put it on your dream board! Maybe even create a specific board for travel (if you're like me and find it takes up a majority of the board anyways). 
  2. Set small achievable goals like saving X amount of money by a certain date.
  3. Begin telling people about your dream! It's amazing the amount of support and help that arrives when you start talking about your intentions. Your loved ones want to see you succeed. 
  4. Voice your fears and concerns to those you trust, make a plan for unforeseen events and circumstances (for example; losing your passport, luggage getting stolen, etc) and then move on. A lot of fear stems from not knowing what can happen, but that shouldn't stop you from fulfilling your dream adventure! Give thought to situations that may arise and create a plan for how to handle it. 
Whitsunday Islands, Australia 

Whitsunday Islands, Australia 

What places are on our travel board? Have you had a trip that transformed you? Share with us in the comments below! 

Begin Before You're Ready and Clear Space for your vision

For so many, there is a dissonance between the life we live, and the life we feel called to live. We walk through our day to day, imagining the changes we want to make, the dreams that were never realized, maybe even the things we would do differently if we could go back in time.

F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be, whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over again.”

We can change our minds. We can begin again. We are not stuck. And we don't have to put conditions on our dreams

If you've ever found your inner dialogue to echo... "I will start living the life I imagine as soon as I have enough time... as soon as I have enough money... as soon as I have enough resources... as soon as I can quit my job... as soon as I'm in a relationship..... as soon as the timing is perfect..." then you're not alone. But "as soon as" can be an exhaustive list of conditions that never happen. 

Fear and doubt are real struggles, but if we wait until we're "ready", there is a tremendous chance that we'll never get started.

If you have the desire to begin living out your dreams, especially ones that seem out of reach, like your dream adventures, here are some tips I recommend considering:

  1. If you haven't already, create a list of your goals and dreams that you have not yet seem to accomplish or manifest yet.

  2. Get curious about what's keeping you from stepping towards your goals and dreams.  

  3. Ask yourself empowering questions to gain new insights and motivation.

    • Do you have the courage to go after what you want?

    • Are you ready to be responsible for your life decisions?

    • Are you aware that doubt and fear will show up on your journey but you're willing to move forward anyway?  

A head full of fears has no space for dreams. Those emotions have all overstayed their welcome in that beautiful mind of yours. So clear out all that space and let your vision flourish.


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Maui Dreamers of Today & Leaders of Tomorrow

We just finished up another fun and inspiring experience with the kids of Maui. This was our second year leading our lifeboard, dreamboard classes with Iao Intermediate School, thanks to a very caring and inspiring teacher, Ms. Joann Yap.

Ms. Yap's 8th grade Home Economics class focused in on creating a written and visual overview of the life they want to live. This made for an ideal segue from their nutrition quarter in class into career.

The energetic Maui students learned how their health and well being can effect all areas in their life. And in order to be successful in their career, it is important for them to keep happy, healthy, and active in all areas of their life, including their creative choices.

Our founder and dream coach, Tiare Thomas, lead 160 students with the intention of bringing awareness to each individual student that it's possible to create a life they will love and have a successful career that can actually be a lot of fun. Thomas shared with the class how their health and well being, relationships with others, creativity, and how they want to be of service to the world are all linked to career.

"To know the kids of today will soon be our leaders of tomorrow, I believe it's our calling to groom them into being authentic, innovative and happy individuals. The more our kids feel inspired to pursue and live their dreams and supported by our community, in return, our community will thrive." says Thomas.

Two of the many significant questions Thomas asked was, "How do you want to feel in your career?" Most students wrote things down like, "Happy" and "Fun." and "If you had everything you could ever ask for, including all the money in the world, what world issues would you like to share your money and power with to help make a difference?" Majority of the students added "help the homeless," "cure cancer," and "help kids in need."

Imagine a world where more of our youth understands the significance of this. Let's keep this movement going, encourage, and support our children around the world to enhance universal happiness. Who else is with us?!

Tawny, Kendall, and Kylee take pride in their dreams. These girls are so fun & kept the energy up in class.

Tawny, Kendall, and Kylee take pride in their dreams. These girls are so fun & kept the energy up in class.

A group shot of the last class of the day.

A group shot of the last class of the day.