Creativity + Clarity + Connection

In July I shared with my fellow Dreamboarders what it was like to attend my first Dreamboarding session. Picture white sand beaches, palm trees swaying in the breeze, sweet mango lassi tantalizing your taste buds and you have entered my dream retreat. Hosted by Aloha Dreamboard founder, Tiare Thomas and owner of Aila Love, Maile Mai this self-care retreat was exactly what many of us needed. It was a space to come together, relax our minds and indulge in the realm of possibility.

While I have yet to attend another Dreamboarding session, there are three things that I believe you will undoubtedly experience at Tiare’s lovely workshops: creativity, clarity and connection.


Through Tiare’s guided meditation and visualization exercises you will get in touch with your creative side. I don’t consider myself a very visual or creative person so I was genuinely surprised by the extent of the details I was able to capture during my visualization. I imagined crystal clear waters dancing along the shores of Goa, rustling palm trees swaying gently in the warm summer breeze, juicy tandoori chicken falling off the bone, deep and nourishing Ayurveda massages and more.



Once we were finished with the visualization portion, we were instructed to write 5-7 key elements that stood out during our practice. This helps you get very clear on the most important aspects of your visualization. And, if we ever got stuck choosing between keywords or phrases we were instructed to follow our gut. This same principle is advised when choosing images for our Dreamboard. Choosing that which resonates with you the most and discarding the rest is a good rule of thumb not just for Dreamboarding, but day-to-day life.




    Perhaps one of the greatest takeaways from Tiare’s Dreamboarding session is the power of connection. As soon as you enter her space and surrender yourself to whatever may unfold, trust and vulnerability take over which allows for deep and meaningful connections to take place. You realize that you are sharing a space with supportive and like-minded individuals who also love to dream! As you share your hopes, goals and aspirations you will feel empowered and equally inspired when you hear the dreams of others. You may even be surprised to learn how similar you are to the person sitting next to you!


Never stop dreaming,

Mudra <3


DAY TWO - Spread The Aloha Tour in Chino, Nagano


Aloha Everyone!

Angela Makiと私の"Spread The Aloha Tour" もいよいよ残りわずか。。先日は都会から離れて長野の茅野市へと行ってきました。Angela Makiの友人でありヨガのインストラクターの千早さんが駅で私達を出迎えてくれ駅のすぐ横で開催されていたヨガ&トレーニングイベントへと連れて行ってくれました。the BIRTH&days 5周年祝いのこのイベント、Angela Makiは気持ちの良い芝生の上でヨガのクラスを2つ行いました。芝生の周りには3階建ての大きな窓の近代的な建物があり、周りには幾つものテントが張ってありヨガウェアーや手作りの美味しいパンなどが販売されていました。

外でヨガをするには最高のお天気!でも私の身体はヨガ疲れ。。笑 先日のAngela Makiのヨガのクラスであちらこちらが筋肉痛だったので午前のクラスはちょっと受けてその後は木の下でお昼寝。午後のクラスはお休みしました。今月は旅をしたり、色々あってとっても忙しい月だったので木の下でのお昼寝かパーフェクトでした。芝生の上でし横になりながら、Angela Makiのクラスを観察。生徒さん達はみんな楽しみながら集中をして自分の健康の為にヨガを頑張っていました。ここ茅野市にはヨガスタジオが2つしかないと聞きました。都内みたいでは無いけれど、the BIRTH&daysに通っている人は多くみんな真剣にヨガに取り組んでいるそうです。こうしてゲスト先生を迎えて大きなイベントをするという事は珍しく、でもこうして一回目を行うことでも次に繋がり、又次にとこのイベントがどんどん成長して行くのでしょう。

So far, our Japan trip has been going great! Angela Maki and I took a trip to the country side in Chino, Nagano this week to continue our Spread The Aloha Tour in Japan. Chihaya-San, a friend of Angela Maki's and yoga instructor, greeted us at the train station and walked us over to the Yoga and Training Festival in Chino, Nagano presented by The Birth & Days. This was the first time for this festival to launch and they had invited Angela Maki to lead two yoga classes outside on their lush green grass lawn. A modern looking building with large windows about three stories high surrounded us. There were a variety of vendors selling yoga merchandise, freshly baked goods, and home made crafts. 

It was a perfect sunny day for a yoga class. Yet, my body was exhausted from yoga the other day, so I decided to participate in half of the class and then take a cat nap under a near by tree and sit out of the second class completely. Especially after a full month of activities and travel, it was nice to take a break and also to observe the participants in her yoga class. They were focused and excited to work on their health with the guidance of Angela Maki. I heard there are only two yoga studios in this town. And they are pretty filled on a regular basis. And to have an event like this, bringing yoga instructors from outside of Nagano, is a rare thing. So, I could see how this festival has potential to grow. 



Evening hit and the weather began to get a bit chilly. I could feel the shift from summer to fall as the chilled wind brushed against my skin. Yoga class was over and it was time to go. As we headed up the windy road up the mountain to Chihaya-San's house in her brand new baby blue Subaru, we watched deer crossing and passed by fields of rice and buckwheat (what soba noodles are made from). I was told that this area was where the King or Emperor resided long ago. He loved the water from the mountains here and the rice here is special because of the water. And til this very day, there is still a good amount of rice fields kept up by local farmers, but they only sell this special rice here in Chino. I didn't have the opportunity to try the rice out on this trip, but my goal is to have some on our next stay here.





プロマウンテンバイカーでクリエイティブな檀さんとピースフルで明るいエネルギーを持っているヨガインストラクターの千早さんは、 Club 3719 というクラブのオーナーでもあり、年間を通して子供達や女性、企業向けにキャンプを行い美しい信州の大自然の中で自然を感じ、学び、共に過ごすという素晴らしい体験が出来る

場所を人々に提供しているのです。彼らの夢であったこのクラブ。Club 3719は、大人も子供も楽しめるアドベンチャーが盛り沢山!

We pulled up to the house and made a quick luggage drop off so we could head over to a near by hotel. Chihaya-San was excited to show us one of her favorite spas in the area. It was about $8 or so to go in to use the spa facilities. Pretty reasonable for a high end resort. This particular spa was special to me because of the indoor/outdoor onsen. Imagine soaking in a giant infinity pool filled with hot fresh water springs from the mountains and a panoramic view of the woods under the stars and moon shining bright. It was magical! After a few sessions of yoga this week and a 2 1/2 hour commute on the train, my tired muscles felt like jello melting in the pool. Our bodies totally needed this.

After an hour of relaxation, we headed to the house and met Chiya-San's husband, Dan-San. He welcomed us in with a friendly smile and warm hug. We followed him and the delicious smells through their gorgeous home, filled with colorful natural woods, dream catchers, and other artifacts from their world travels, to their dining area. Dan-San had prepared a beautiful hot dish for us, using fresh eggs and vegetables from their garden. We had great conversation and learned more about their story. It was nice getting to know such a beautiful and inspiring couple living their dream life in Japan.


"Kitchen Garden."と言う名前のガーデニングの裏には山があり、そこにマウンテンバイクのコースやお散歩コースなどがあるのです。まるで私が大好きなハイキングコースのハワイのWaahila Ridgeにあるコースに似ていて涼しくてアクティブに身体を動かすには最高の場所。大きな芝生の庭では栄養たっぷりのふっくらとした鶏が二羽駆け回っています。きっと鶏もこんなに良い環境だからこそ毎日ヘルシーな卵を産むのでしょう。ワークショップでは、この健康的な鶏の卵を使ってふわふわのパンケーキをなんと参加者の皆さん分、19枚。プラス私達の分まで1人で作ったのです!!

Husband and wife duo, Dan-San and Chihaya-San, are the owners of Club 3719. They turned their dream home into a club, where they host year round camps for children, women and corporate team building. Club 3719 provides the perfect peaceful, adventurous and inspiring ambiance for adults and children to enjoy. They have a beautiful garden of herbs and vegetables they call "Kitchen Garden." Their backyard leads into the woods, a place where no one is allowed to build, a similar feeling to Waahila Ridge, one of my favorite hikes, over in Saint Louis Heights in Honolulu, Hawaii. The weather was a perfect cool temperature. Taylor and Ichiro, Dan-San's extra large chickens, run free and safe from roaming predators in the yard and happily lay eggs everyday. In fact after our workshop, Dan-San cooked up the largest and fluffiest pancakes, using their chicken's freshly laid eggs for our party of 19! That's a whole lot of pancakes! 





A true magician in the kitchen, Dan-san is always full of energy. He's traveled the world as a professional mountain biker. He's a natural artist, philanthropist, incredible chef, and the ultimate dreamer! His concept is "Cook together, Eat together." Dan-San is passionate about connecting with people through interacting in nature, with nature, and through great conversation. Which is what lead him and his wife to create Club 3719. And although we didn't cook together during this specific workshop, we were able to connect through sharing our visions and dreams, laugh and eat together.

As the sun rose the next day, Angela Maki and I stepped out to watch the sky glow with it's stunning golden morning light. Chihaya-San and Angela Maki decided to enjoy a private yoga session on the lawn, while Dan-San gave me a grand tour of their home, Club 3719. Soon after that, Dan-San brought out a tent for us to set up to shade our class. Around 10:00am, we had a nice light breakfast, which included fresh eggs of course.

Participants for our workshop began trickling in around 10:45am. Many of them neighbors, friends and clients of Chihaya-San. We gathered together in the shade under the large tent in the front yard, over looking a breath taking view of Chino's beautiful mountain range.



It was like a dream come true! Connecting with other women, out doors, in fresh air, sharing our dreams and eating a delicious and stylish home cooked meal! Seriously, I have photos of a similar looking location and people enjoying a colorful healthy meal together, making a toast, in an outdoor setting on both my Lifeboard and Business Dreamboard. So, during various times throughout the day, as we set up the tent, conversed at lunch, and ended our time with an intimate dream share, focusing on what new came up and what they enjoyed about the workshop, in the front yard, I would take a look around to soak it all in. Each moment, I felt a sense of accomplishment and joy. And I thought to myself, WOW, IT'S ALL HAPPENING! Another dream come true!


Dreamboards + The Law of Intention

Reflecting on the past year, and setting intentions for the future. New Years Eve 2015.&nbsp;

Reflecting on the past year, and setting intentions for the future. New Years Eve 2015. 

For the past few years, the New Year celebration has been less about going out and partying past midnight and more about creating quiet time and space to assess the year behind me and plan for the year ahead. (It's also a time to make my dreamboard for the new year!)This year was no different as my husband and I + our good friends road tripped to stay at a little cabin on the water in Washington.  Being away from the smothering, feeling of the city and getting into open space really helped release my mind of it's societal conditioning and get thoughtful about the law of intention. 

What is the Law of Intention? 

I first heard about the Law of Intention when I picked up Deepak Chopra's book, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success.  As I read through the different chapters outlining principles to fulfill desires, I connected deeply with The Law of Intention which states; 

"Inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment . . . intention and desire in the field of pure potentiality have infinite organizing power. And when we introduce an intention in the fertile ground of pure potentiality, we put this infinite organizing power to work for us." - Deepak Chopra

This idea that our intentions are strong enough to set the Universe in motion, to support us in making our objectives and plans a reality is so powerful. Right there we have out first instruction and step, set the intention.

To put the Law of Intention into effect, Deepak makes the following recommendations. (**Asteriks are my side-note/additional suggestions.)  Feel free to use what works best for you.

  1. Make a list of all your desires. Look at the list before meditation, before you go to sleep and when you wake up. *Create a dreamboard where you visually showcase your desires. Look at it before you go to sleep, when you wake up, and take a picture on your phone and apply it as your background! 
  2.  Release the list of desires and surrender it to creation, trusting the cosmic plan when things don't go as you would have thought. There might be a different or larger plan for you! **See the silver linings and if you are moved into a different direction, flow and get curious about the new path you're on. 
  3. Remind yourself to practice present-moment awareness in your actions. Refuse to let obstacles consume your attention that don't support your higher purpose. Accept the present and manifest the future through your intentions. **Be in the present by taking risks, doing things that scare you and make you feel alive! Like... jumping into 30 degree water in the middle of winter. (see image below!) 

Have you put the Law of Intention into practice? I would love to hear how it's worked for you. 

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