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In July I shared with my fellow Dreamboarders what it was like to attend my first Dreamboarding session. Picture white sand beaches, palm trees swaying in the breeze, sweet mango lassi tantalizing your taste buds and you have entered my dream retreat. Hosted by Aloha Dreamboard founder, Tiare Thomas and owner of Aila Love, Maile Mai this self-care retreat was exactly what many of us needed. It was a space to come together, relax our minds and indulge in the realm of possibility.

While I have yet to attend another Dreamboarding session, there are three things that I believe you will undoubtedly experience at Tiare’s lovely workshops: creativity, clarity and connection.


Through Tiare’s guided meditation and visualization exercises you will get in touch with your creative side. I don’t consider myself a very visual or creative person so I was genuinely surprised by the extent of the details I was able to capture during my visualization. I imagined crystal clear waters dancing along the shores of Goa, rustling palm trees swaying gently in the warm summer breeze, juicy tandoori chicken falling off the bone, deep and nourishing Ayurveda massages and more.



Once we were finished with the visualization portion, we were instructed to write 5-7 key elements that stood out during our practice. This helps you get very clear on the most important aspects of your visualization. And, if we ever got stuck choosing between keywords or phrases we were instructed to follow our gut. This same principle is advised when choosing images for our Dreamboard. Choosing that which resonates with you the most and discarding the rest is a good rule of thumb not just for Dreamboarding, but day-to-day life.




    Perhaps one of the greatest takeaways from Tiare’s Dreamboarding session is the power of connection. As soon as you enter her space and surrender yourself to whatever may unfold, trust and vulnerability take over which allows for deep and meaningful connections to take place. You realize that you are sharing a space with supportive and like-minded individuals who also love to dream! As you share your hopes, goals and aspirations you will feel empowered and equally inspired when you hear the dreams of others. You may even be surprised to learn how similar you are to the person sitting next to you!


Never stop dreaming,

Mudra <3


Future Fest at Molokai High School

Aloha Dreamboard has received yet another opportunity to impact the future generations of the world. Woohooooo!!!!

On August 28th, our founder and Life Design Coach, Tiare Thomas, as well as Dream Coach, Erik Harris, will visit Molokai High School to hold dreamboard workshop classes during their Future Fest, an annual event sponsored by OHA, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. High school students have the opportunity to learn more about various career paths through Future Fest and how to plan for their future. As the first time participating in the high school event, Tiare and Erik are excited to share our Boss Board workshop with the students. 

“Besides focusing on college and careers, we’re focusing on strengthening the spirit of our people and thought of inviting a life coach.”
-Lisa Takata, Student Activities Coordinator at Molokai High School

To learn more about Future Fest, check the following video: 

Dreaming of a Perfect Retreat...

What better way to start dream boarding than by dreaming up a perfect get-away retreat?! White sand beaches, crystal clear waters, palm trees swaying in the warm summer breeze …  just hearing these words is enough to put a smile on my face and I live in Hawaii!

Yet, this is exactly what I imagined at the Reignite Your Light Self Care Retreat I attended last month, hosted by Aloha Dreamboard founder, Tiare Thomas and essential oil advocate and owner of Aila Love, Maile Maii. Throw in some mouthwatering tandoori chicken, buttery garlic nan, and sweet mango lassi and suddenly my retreat took on a tropical, south Indian flair. Goa? Kerala? It all sounded like heaven!

Just when I thought my fantasy retreat couldn’t get any better, Tiare asked, “Now who is sharing this space with you?” Immediately, my wonderful and loving husband came into view, engulfing me with his warmth and gentle presence. Together, we splashed in the pool at our 5- star resort, received deep and nourishing Ayurvedic massages and shared in the bottomless romance of our love. As the visualization practice was coming to a close and we were instructed to open our eyes, I felt a deep and long-lasting sense of peace and happiness – the kind that lingers for a while and keeps you pleasant company. And, isn’t that what a “self-care” retreat is all about? To feel nourished and at peace?

Moreover, what makes Tiare’s dream board retreat so special is that not only do you leave feeling at ease, but you get - to DREAM – to MANIFEST- to CREATE- to let your imagination run WILD- to SHARE- to COMMUNE- to CONNECT- and importantly, to BELIEVE that everything you ever imagined is within the realm of possibility.



Mudra Love

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