Maui Dreamers of Today & Leaders of Tomorrow

We just finished up another fun and inspiring experience with the kids of Maui. This was our second year leading our lifeboard, dreamboard classes with Iao Intermediate School, thanks to a very caring and inspiring teacher, Ms. Joann Yap.

Ms. Yap's 8th grade Home Economics class focused in on creating a written and visual overview of the life they want to live. This made for an ideal segue from their nutrition quarter in class into career.

The energetic Maui students learned how their health and well being can effect all areas in their life. And in order to be successful in their career, it is important for them to keep happy, healthy, and active in all areas of their life, including their creative choices.

Our founder and dream coach, Tiare Thomas, lead 160 students with the intention of bringing awareness to each individual student that it's possible to create a life they will love and have a successful career that can actually be a lot of fun. Thomas shared with the class how their health and well being, relationships with others, creativity, and how they want to be of service to the world are all linked to career.

"To know the kids of today will soon be our leaders of tomorrow, I believe it's our calling to groom them into being authentic, innovative and happy individuals. The more our kids feel inspired to pursue and live their dreams and supported by our community, in return, our community will thrive." says Thomas.

Two of the many significant questions Thomas asked was, "How do you want to feel in your career?" Most students wrote things down like, "Happy" and "Fun." and "If you had everything you could ever ask for, including all the money in the world, what world issues would you like to share your money and power with to help make a difference?" Majority of the students added "help the homeless," "cure cancer," and "help kids in need."

Imagine a world where more of our youth understands the significance of this. Let's keep this movement going, encourage, and support our children around the world to enhance universal happiness. Who else is with us?!

Tawny, Kendall, and Kylee take pride in their dreams. These girls are so fun & kept the energy up in class.

Tawny, Kendall, and Kylee take pride in their dreams. These girls are so fun & kept the energy up in class.

A group shot of the last class of the day.

A group shot of the last class of the day.

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