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Welcome to Mindful Mondays!

Aloha Dreamboarders,

This is the inaugural edition of Mindful Mondays. Now, what is Mindful Mondays you ask? It is a written segment that Aloha Dreamboard offers to help you spread some peace through your week. Why would you want to spread peace? And how will being mindful benefit you? Mindfulness is about being aware, of first, yourself, and then with others. Practicing mindfulness with yourself and others will allow you to let go of anger and frustration, creating more space for happiness and peace in your life.

Take traffic for example. Our Aloha Dreamboard team lives on a small island in the middle of the pacific, with 1.5 million residents, and 1.2 million registered vehicles. Now that’s a lot of cars for a small island like Oahu. The traffic jams on the freeway and side streets during rush hour have been known to be just as bad as larger city traffic jams like LA, and are only growing. For those of you who face this on a regular basis and cringe at the thought of waiting in traffic, try pulling over and stop at one of the many city parks and spend some time with your kids, or perhaps go to a coffee shop that offers free wifi. You can use this time to get some work done, while everyone else chooses to sit in traffic.

“But I don’t have time to be sitting in traffic!” If that is the case, you can also experiment with what we call, “mindful driving.” Instead of focusing your frustrations on the drivers around you, simply look at this moment as an opportunity for “Me Time.” A time to take a few long deep breaths, unwind, and clear your mind. Notice what thoughts come up. Use this as a time to reflect. 

Have fun practicing mindfulness this Monday and enjoy the rest of your week!

It's Okay to Let it Go

Forgiveness is hard.

Why do we hold onto whoever or whatever has hurt us when it only causes more hurt, anger or resentment? Why should we forgive?

There are many excuses we give ourselves for holding onto burdens against our perpetrators such as:

  • they are bad people for committing the injustice
  • letting go of anger means choosing to let go of the situation, and we just aren't ready
  • they don't "deserve" forgiveness and it's like letting them off the hook
  • "fight fire with fire" or an "eye for an eye"
  • even if we are no longer angry, justice must still be served

How to let go of these excuses:

  • learn to see these perpetrators as regular human beings, rather than as all-mighty
  • know that forgiveness does not mean condonation of the act
  • take the high road
  • we deserve better

The poison of resentment leaks throughout life. Negative thought manifests itself into negative action. In order to breathe happiness into our lives, we must take steps into forgiveness. Understand that forgiveness and letting go does not mean giving up. It is a choice towards renouncing anger and resentment.

It is a choice to put yourself and your happiness first.

Choose inner peace.

Let it go.

Queen Elsa of Frozen was right when she sang "Let it Go"

Queen Elsa of Frozen was right when she sang "Let it Go"