new moon

Transformational New Moon

The new moon has a very strong energetic power known for helping us start new chapters, journeys, and endeavors. This particular new moon is special because it falls on 11/11; which is often associated with a synchronistic spiritual energy that reminds us to tune into our higher selves and return to balance. This special new moon is said to represent transformation and change, making room for the new positive energy and experiences to come forth.

What we recommend you to do right now is to pause and close your eyes, take this moment for yourself and go within. Notice what is on your mind and if there is anything coming up that no longer serves you, is there an uncomfortable feeling lingering that you want to let go of? Is there something that you would like to change? Hopefully you can see this, and once you do, note the feeling or thought,  sit with it, and then accept this feeling or thought. There is no need to spend any energy figuring out why it bothers you or how to solve the issue. Noting and accepting these feelings can help us move through our issues and help clear the way for new energy giving it space to grow. The purpose of this exercise is to promote change and transformation starting from within, just in time for the new moon to help us along the path.