It's Okay to Let it Go

Forgiveness is hard.

Why do we hold onto whoever or whatever has hurt us when it only causes more hurt, anger or resentment? Why should we forgive?

There are many excuses we give ourselves for holding onto burdens against our perpetrators such as:

  • they are bad people for committing the injustice
  • letting go of anger means choosing to let go of the situation, and we just aren't ready
  • they don't "deserve" forgiveness and it's like letting them off the hook
  • "fight fire with fire" or an "eye for an eye"
  • even if we are no longer angry, justice must still be served

How to let go of these excuses:

  • learn to see these perpetrators as regular human beings, rather than as all-mighty
  • know that forgiveness does not mean condonation of the act
  • take the high road
  • we deserve better

The poison of resentment leaks throughout life. Negative thought manifests itself into negative action. In order to breathe happiness into our lives, we must take steps into forgiveness. Understand that forgiveness and letting go does not mean giving up. It is a choice towards renouncing anger and resentment.

It is a choice to put yourself and your happiness first.

Choose inner peace.

Let it go.

Queen Elsa of Frozen was right when she sang "Let it Go"

Queen Elsa of Frozen was right when she sang "Let it Go"

Finding Inner Peace at a Buddhist Temple

Find a Buddhist temple near you, and participate in a meditation retreat. The beautiful and serene location of the Buddhist temple will ease the journey of inner peace. As a tip, it may be easier to find peace when someone else is leading the meditation. As you leave the temple, please consider leaving a donation. It is good etiquette and good karma.

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Photos of Mu-Ryang-Sa Temple courtesy of Adrienne Ramos