tuesday tips with tiare

A Happy Relationship is a Mantra Away

Are you currently A) in a loving relationship with your significant other or B) are you still finding yourself in the same routine of feeling “stuck” or a sense of “dissatisfaction” in the relationship you are currently in? If the answer is “B” and you are looking for ways to going from “A” to “B,” see if the following step by step suggestions work for you.

  1. Create a list on how you want your significant other to feel in the relationship you share. Would you want him or her to feel loved, happy, connected, etc.?

  2. Next, think of  some of the negative feelings your significant other is currently feeling or has felt in the past, when it comes to your relationship? Have they been feeling insecure, disrespected, unappreciated, jealous, etc.? (Note: Do not write these feelings down. Just simply think of what they are.)

  3. Then list down the opposite feelings of the negative feelings you pointed out and add the new positive feelings you come up with to your list. For example, if  the feeling of “unappreciated” came up, write down “appreciated.”

  4. Now that you have a list of feelings you hope for your partner to feel in your relationship (Note: Only write positive feelings.), work on making this new list a reality. You can do so by using your list as a daily “Love Mantra.” Before the feeling you would like to focus on, add present action words such as, “I practice” or “I give.” or “I show.” It could sound something like this, “I show appreciation and respect. I am loving. I practice deep listening.” You can read your new love mantra out loud in the morning before you start your day or during lunch. Whatever works for you!