When it comes to manifesting something into your life, doubt can be the biggest challenge you face. That’s because when you’re trying to visualize the perfect life for yourself, it’s hard not to rationalize all the things that could go wrong.

Now, in the whimsical world of manifestation, you’ll hear a lot about “trusting the process,” but what does that really mean?

Salina Stozoruk, this month’s dreamer of the week, is a model of that total trust.

“I don’t recall a time when I’ve doubted the process,” Salina told Aloha Dreamboards. “I just trust that everything is unfolding as I want to, whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant.

When Salina manifests things into her life, she takes the good with the bad and trusts that it is all working in her favor. And when you experience life by welcoming both the good and the bad -- what role does doubt have then? Doubt becomes irrelevant, because everything is working in synchrony and in your favor.

“I believe in the perfection of the universe,” she says. “I believe that even with the suffering and the perceived imperfections, it’s all meant to be.”

Below, take a look into Salina's mind and find out what drives her total trust.


Salina Stozoruk is the founder of Flo Yoga Hawaii, a yoga studio in Honolulu. She is a Hawaii-based yoga and mindfulness teacher who travels to India often to strengthen her practice.

What was your life like before dream boarding and manifesting?

Chaotic, unclear.

How did you set goals for yourself before you started creating dreamboards?

I was always a dreamer since a young child. I have always intuitively enacted a vision or dream life in my imagination, and when I really want it, I focus all my energy to get it through action. It wasn’t a foolproof method though, more intuitive and sometimes not super effective.

How did you learn about dreamboarding?

Tiare taught me how to make my first dreamboard four years ago! I used to make visual collages all through my youth and teen years, and I love the arts, so it came naturally to dreamboard with Tiare.

The first time putting one together made me realize so much about myself and where I was at that time in my life. It really surprised me to see what my desires and dreams at the moment really were. Seeing them visually on my first dreamboard brought so much clarity to me, instead of just known what my goals were in my head.

I was surprised that my relationship goals were pretty “shallow” and were focused on temporary pleasure at that time. I didn’t judge myself on it. It was just pretty eye opening. At the time, I thought I wanted a serious, intimate relationship, but on my dreamboard, the images were quite the contrary.

Creating a dreamboard with Tiare for the first time changed my life for the better and I was hooked. I’ve done somewhere around 8 or so brand new dreamboards since then. And with each revision, my dreams in each area do shift and get refined and change.

When was the first time you realized that this process was working in your life?

I think the biggest one for me was when I put a picture of Thich Nhat Hahn on my Travel and Helpful People section. I’d known of him for years, being that he is a revolutionary and famous Buddhist monk and activist from Vietnam.

It was about four to six months later that I began spontaneously listing to his podcasts, and virtually following him around the world on his lecture or dharma talk tour. Two months into listening religiously to his talks daily, I looked at my dreamboard and realized, omg, I put his picture and his name on my dreamboard and didn’t even realize I had all these few months I’d been listening to him on the podcasts!

That’s when I knew the power of dreamboarding, following your heart and intuition and trusting the Universe. Shortly after I started listening to Thich Nhat Hahn’s dharma talks, maybe around the 6 month point, “Thay” as we students call him affectionately, had a massive stroke. He was unconscious and unable to give talks anymore. We didn’t know if he’d survive the stroke. He did, however he is still in recovery. I am so grateful for that time that I was able to be supported by this most amazing living being through his dharma talks which nourished my soul and awakened my heart to the sweetness of love, awareness and truth.

I also attended a short weekend meditation retreat led by the nuns of Plum Village, the Thich Naht Hahn’s monestary, and we learned so much about mindfulness and the joy of life.

How do you overcome doubt?

I don’t recall a time I doubted [the process]. I’ve had doubts for sure, but I just trust that everything is unfolding as I want it to, whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant. I trust that everything is a lesson of some sort, and ultimately everything works out as it it meant to be.

I believe in the perfection of the Universe and this dream we call reality or life. I believe that even with the suffering and the perceived imperfections, it’s all meant to be. Again, I have had doubts many times and have had many unfortunate things happen in my life, as we all have, yet I see the light of Source, within and around me, even in my dreamboard, and this helps pull me out of doubt.

Sometimes I have felt that there is no such thing as personal will-power or personal manifestation, however I don’t feel this is a contradiction to the process of dreamboarding or manifesting. It’s just another question I have about this whole life and consciousness thing we’re in!

How has dreamboarding changed your life?

This is huge. Dreamboarding has brought clarity to my life. I feel joyful and happy after I create a dreamboard. And every morning when I wake up to meditate, sitting right in front of my dreamboard, it brings me a sense of purpose, excitement and gratitude for this amazing life I live! I feel more focused and more trusting in myself and the Universe, as a result of dreamboarding. Mainly though, it make me feel happy and grateful for all that is, and all that is to come!