What is a Dreamboard?

A Dreamboard is a visual representation of your desires and dreams. It is a powerful tool used to identify and manifest what you want through imagery, text and color. In our dreamboard workshops and coaching sessions we combine dreamboarding with intentional exercises and Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the art of defining space or placement which connects to specific areas of your life. This then allows magnetic waves or energy, called “Chi,” to align into those areas. This Chi brings balance and harmony while helping to magnetize your goals, desires and the life that you dream to live.

How often can I update my Dreamboard?

I recommend updating your dreamboard every 90 days. It's nice to have a refresh regularly to keep the excitement and momentum going with what you want in life. Also, it helps us to create more space for clarity.

Is it okay that I take items off my Dreamboard?

Yes! We as humans are constantly evolving and so our our dreams and goals. Sometimes you may achieve a goal or manifest a desire but you realize that it no longer serves you. That's when you want to take it off of your board.


Where is the best place to put my Dreamboard?

The best place to put your dreamboard is where you will see it all of the time.


Look at your dreamboard and read what you have on it daily. As you read your dreamboard daily, visualize what it would be like as if it is happening in real time so much that you eventually believe that what you want to manifest is going to happen.

How can I speed up the manifesting process?

Anyone who takes it seriously and has a desire to better their life, gain clarity, and stay motivated.

Who can benefit from Dreamboarding?

If you are looking for clarity and/or motivation in any areas of your life and are open to change, Dreamboarding is for you.


How do I know Dreamboarding is for me?

Yes. We offer Life Board sessions for any large group. We can also tailor each session to your needs.

Do you work with large groups?