What is a Dreamboard?

A Dreamboard is a visual representation of your desires and dreams. It is a powerful tool used to identify and manifest what you want through imagery, text and color. To help you get clear on your dreams our workshops provide intentional exercises that include: guided meditation, visualization, personalized coaching and Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the art of defining space that connects to specific areas of your life. This allows magnetic waves or energy, known as  “chi,” to align with those areas. Chi brings balance and harmony while helping to magnetize your goals, desires, and the life that you dream to live.

What is the practice of Manifestation and how do I speed up the process?

What in the world is manifest? Is it voo-doo? Some magical superpower that only a select few have been gifted?  In short, the manifestation process is goal setting sprinkled with some stardust. It’s about having dreams, working towards them and believing in the Universe to help you achieve them. To speed up the manifestation process, look at your Dreamboard and read what you have on it daily. As you observe your board, visualize it as if it is already happening in real time. Saturate your subconscious with what you want in your life. Then when opportunities present itself in real life you are better able to draw the connection with how they are in alignment with what you asked for. In return, you will become a more conscious, decisive decision maker therefore manifesting your desires.  

How often can I update my Dreamboard?

We recommend updating your dreamboard every 90 days. It's nice to refresh your board regularly to maintain the excitement and keep the momentum going with what you want in life. Also, it helps to create more space for clarity.

Yes! We as humans are constantly evolving and so are our dreams and goals. Sometimes you may achieve a goal or manifest a desire but you realize that it no longer serves you. That's when you want to take it off of your board.

Is it okay to take items off my Dreamboard?

The best place to put your Dreamboard is where you can see it all of the time. The more you see it the more it reinforces your dreams, goals, desires. It helps to keep you committed to your goals.

Where is the best place to put my Dreamboard?

Anyone who takes Dreamboarding seriously and has a desire to better their life, gain clarity, and stay motivated. We offer dreamboard workshops for children from 5 years old to adults in their 80s. Professors, college students, high school students, mothers looking to come back to the workplace, business owners, corporate team-building to build company morale, couples, and friends. Someone once told me, “If you don’t have a dream how can you make it come true?” This is what we strive toward everyday.

Who do you offer your Dreamboard workshops to?

How do I know if Dreamboarding is for me?

If you are looking for clarity and/ or motivation in any areas of your life and are open to change, Dreamboarding is for you. Some people who come in are wondering aimlessly searching for their purpose or are looking to map out the next chapter in their life. Others are doing very well in their business and because they are ambitious they they want to incorporate Dreamboarding because they see the value and want to achieve more.

What if I am afraid to share my dreams with others or speak them out loud?

Any fear driven thoughts will cancel out the manifestation process. Anytime that you share what your dreams are with other people it speeds up the manifestation because your manifestations are able to expand and reach out that much quicker. For example, Tiare really wanted to go to a Stevie Wonder concert. She put it on her Dreamboard and let her friends know about her wishes. And, what do you know? She was gifted Stevie Wonder tickets. When people know about your hopes and dreams, chances are — if they’re decent, caring human beings, they’ll want to support you! People enjoy being a part of your journey. Sharing with others what you desire most is also a great way to practice vulnerability and build deeper connections.

What if I don’t feel worthy of my dreams and how can I gain trust in this process?

Then you’re fresh outta luck! But seriously, if this is the case take action immediately on doing everything in your power to heighten your believability level and your sense of self worth. We believe in this process and we believe in you. Our biggest obstacle is our own limited belief.  And when we are able to change that around we are able to become badass manifesters! You can also experiment with believing in the unknown, what do you have to lose?

Besides having your Dreamboard in a prominent place, what are other methods to keep me on track?

Creating a mastermind group and surrounding yourself with people who will raise you up and encourage you in life is helpful. Investing in coaching, including Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Health Coaches, Financial Coaches etc. will make a big impact in your personal and leadership development.

Do you offer private as well as group sessions?

Yes. We offer one-on-one Dreamboard sessions as well as small group, corporate and large groups. The largest Dreamboard workshop we have offered is for a group of 75. We can also tailor each session to your needs.  

We offer a variety of Dreamboard workshops:

  1. Life Board

  2. Business Board for entrepreneurs

  3. Dream Home Dreamboard

  4. Self-care Dreamboards

  5. Boss Board for children 7 years old to teenagers

What type of dreamboard workshops do you offer?