Jessica Ando, M.A. is a passionate artist and creates her art from a place of authenticity, trust, and flow.  She strongly believes that art and creativity has taught her so much about herself and how to have a positive approach to life. 

She obtained her Master’s Degree in Marital and Family Therapy and Art Therapy from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA.  She currently works as a grief counselor and art therapist for the past 6 years and enjoys utilizing art with clients as a way to help them express and heal. 

In 2014 she also decided to commit to becoming an artist and started her art business Blissography, which was something she always had on her list of dreams since she was a child.  She began to paint and create designs on river rocks as well creating drawings and watercolor paintings.  All her artwork is inspired by the blissful feeling we experience when we are in alignment and flow with our highest and truest self.  She hopes her artwork inspires people to connect to the bliss and magic in themselves and all around them.  Jessica has shown and sold her art at craft fairs and at the Haleiwa Arts Festival.  She also is honored to have had many wonderful opportunities to work with other passionate individuals and businesses, such as Aloha Dreamboard, to further stretch the capacity of what art, creativity, and collaboration can bring to the community. 

Jessica also enjoys playing the guitar, singing, and is currently learning horseback riding! She is most focused on living her truth and allowing herself to be wild, free, and full of joy!

Click here to see her artwork.