AD Contributing editor & DESIGN

Kamalei Grace is a certified Life Design Coach that specializes in designing a life that is exciting to live, custom to each individual. She practices a holistic approach in helping these individuals achieve their desired lifestyle.

When Kamalei isn’t coaching, she creatively incorporates design through both fashion and graphic art. Her creative style has led her to work with various mediums, such as ad campaigns, magazines, fashion shows, and film. Her recent work has been featured in R Magazine and the Hawaii International Film Festival nominee, Lahaina Noon. Embodying the idea of living life by design, Kamalei is a self-taught graphic designer - her proudest accomplishment to date.  

As a native Hawaiian, she embodies the aloha spirit and carries that positive energy wherever the universe takes her. Living her dream of designing her way through life has become her biggest inspiration for helping others. Kamalei enjoys living a variant and vibrant life. She has a love for creative hobbies, like infusing essential oil blends, film photography, and yoga.