Born and raised in Lakewood, Washington, inspired by the diverse culture and Filipino presence, Lalaine Ignao manifested living on Oahu in 2016. She currently works as a freelance journalist and is a graduate student who has an ambitious mindset to achieve all her dreams in life. Passionate, determined and charismatic, Lalaine hopes to inspire other people to design and manifest their ultimate dream life through the work that she does for Aloha Dreamboard. She enjoys connecting with people and helping them discover their passions in life. When not working her freelancing jobs, Lalaine enjoys constantly challenging herself with new goals which includes traveling the world more, trying new ventures and practicing personal development such as self-love and confidence as she deals with the transition between school and “adulting.”

Lalaine’s personal mission in this world revolves around becoming the voice for various minority groups in the United States and creating a presence for Filipinos in the country.

As she makes her presence known in the journalism world, you can read her work here.