Change your life by learning the secrets on building your dream life and living it!

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed about what to do with your life? Are you seeking a more purposeful, more balanced life? Or are you simply looking to enhance your already awesome life? 

Join Dream Coach, Tiare Thomas, as she leads a three hour workshop to help you connect or reconnect with your passions & purpose, discover your dreams & desires, and focus on balancing multiple areas in your life, through Mastering The Art of Dreamboarding. Ms. Thomas will highlight a visual framework for you to learn how to organize, prioritize and manifest your dreams, while merging a variety of practices including, meditation, visualizations, intention setting, Feng Shui and mindful dreamboarding.




What is a dreamboard?

A dreamboard is a visual representation of your desires, goals, and dreams. Most successful people have created a dreamboard in their life at some point, including Oprah Winfrey. Your dreamboard can serve as a gentle accountability partner for you to be reminded of what you want in life and keep you on track. Our clients have shared many success stories of attracting their desires and dreams through our dreamboarding process. This includes moving into their dream home, connecting to their purpose in life, attracting a healthier lifestyle, building their dream home renovation, finding their "soul mate," getting that raise they wanted, advancing in their career, traveling to their dream destination, and the list goes on.

In this workshop, Dream Coach, Tiare Thomas will lead you through a

Guided Meditation, Intention Setting, & Visualization Exercises and Dreamboarding using Feng Shui


Here's what you can expect:

  • Group guided meditation to create a more focused and peaceful dreamboarding experience.
  • Intention setting & visualization exercises to discover and be clear on your desires.
  • Implement Feng Shui to your dreamboard in order to obtain clarity and create a more harmonious flow of energy and balance in your life.
  • Build your dream life with a visual dreamboard creation, made by YOU, to take home.
  • Learn tips on mastering The Art of Dreamboarding for a more effective dreamboarding experience.
  • Q&As with Dream Coach, Tiare Thomas & Special guest.
  • All materials are provided - just bring your dreams & inspirations!
Tiare Thomas - Dream Coach for Aloha Dreamboard, LLC. - Photo by Ja Tecson - small file.jpeg
My goal is to help people connect with their passion, purpose and dreams to create a life they truly want to live. My dream is for their dreams to come true!”
— Tiare Thomas, Dream Coach, Fashion Stylist, Model & Owner of Aloha Dreamboard

This is simply a $145.00 Investment towards your happiness and success in life. 

And you of all people, deserve it!

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