"I believe people have the power to create the life they dream to live and ultimately ...



TIARE THOMAS is a Life Design Coach who knows how to create clarity, attract true abundance in your life, and generate the courage to turn your wildest dreams into reality. Her greatest passion is the work she does as the founder of Aloha Dreamboard, the personal and business development company she created in 2009. Tiare has a unique style in guiding you to intentionally create your dream life, relationship and business in order to bring your deepest desires into fruition. She coaches you by using the Art of Dream Boarding, Feng Shui, and a variety of strategic techniques in an intuitive way to define and align your core values with your goals and dreams. Tiare has helped clients to define and manifest their dream job, dream partner, dream home. And her clients have shown her again and again - if you can dream it you can attract it.

As your dream guide, Tiare embodies the spirit of Aloha in her compassionate understanding, and in her creative ability to help you tap into your inner wisdom. Through her coaching process she provides wonderful tools to help you map out and stay accountable to your personal visions. Tiare has purposefully manifested opportunities that have influenced her impact as a coach and personal life in fantastic ways, like becoming a model, fashion stylist, and professional surfer, as well as attracting the man of her dreams. For more than a decade Tiare has lead educators, leaders, athletes, families, and entrepreneurs in the wellness and fashion industries to define their own success, achieve it.

Aloha Dreamboardとは、人間として自分が成長出来る様に勇気付けてくれる素晴らしいツールです。私達のゴールは、皆さんが一人一人の人生の目的を明確にすると共に夢を更に大きく持てる様にインスパイアする事です。

ハワイのサーファーであり、モデルでもあり、ドリームコーチという様々な肩書きを持っているTiare Thomas. 彼女が皆さんが思う夢のライフスタイルが実現出来る様に人生の中の健康、キャリア、などの色々な部分強め、そして高揚させてくれるプライベートワークショップをリードしています。 ガイドメデイテーションから始まり、意思の定め方、そして想像力をフルに活用しながら夢を大きく持つことを風水を活用してドリームボードを造って行きます。ドリームボードを造る事により、多くの方が更に自分の事を深く知る事が出来き今までに気が付かなかった自分の本当の幸せというのにも出逢うことが出来ます。