It started so simply. The summer of 2014, as the sun was setting over Diamond Head, Kamalei and I looked up to see the street lights flickering on, hands covered in chalk dust, eyes wide with excitement, hearts full of passion. We had convened a creative meeting on the basketball court, to invite the fullest range of ideas, and the juice was flowing.

Our goal: ideas to help future generations live a more authentic life. To discover their purpose, build their dream life, and live it with intention. All while strengthening focus and creating meaningful relationships along the way.

Today, this idea, this dream, has come to life! We’ve built a vital team, and are hosting regular workshops every month, planning dreamboard tours across the globe, participating in amazing events like the Wanderlust Festival, helping businesses grow and organize, creating partnerships with local businesses, and reaching out to foster children in need. Dreams are turning into reality.

Any dream, small or ridiculously big, can be reached through the resources we provide here at Aloha Dreamboard.

We believe everyone has the power to create the life they dream to live and ultimately ...