Reignite Your Light

Self Care & Manifesting Retreat Series

Feeling like a hot mess lately? Have you found yourself feeling overwhelmed, completely depleted, and guilty of not having it in you to do much more for others with a smile on your face and anything you truly desire for yourself?

Perhaps you are a woman who has some how attracted a load of responsibilities in life, so big that at times you feel like a ticking time bomb that could explode at any given moment;

Taking care of your children, your partner, your siblings, your parents, your friends, your dogs, your home, the laundry, the cooking, your business, your family finances, your community and the list goes on and on and on and on…

Most likely these feelings and responsibilities have created a burning desire in you to gain more clarity and guidance towards a more balanced and fulfilled life. As women, it is in our nature to take care, to give, and to support our loved ones and the entire world! At least, it can feel that way.

Yet, at the end of the day after giving, giving and giving, all we want to do is knock out after a nice relaxing glass of wine or ice cold beer. (Yes… go ahead and let out that sigh)

There are too many times, when we just don’t seem to have much energy for our own self care. This is why we created a special opportunity and experience for you to give yourself permission to RECHARGE, RENOURISH, and RESET.


Join Aila Love and Aloha Dreamboard for a three part

REIGNITE YOUR LIGHT SELF CARE & Manifesting Retreat Series


Surround yourself with other super women, just like you, to incorporate self care rituals in your daily practice, to gain clarity as you create a Dreamboard (a visual map of your life's desires), and to learn how to manifest more of what you want and truly deserve in life.

To begin our series, we created the half day Self Care Retreat in June, where you will join Maile, owner of Aila Love, to learn how to incorporate specific essential oils into your self care practice. And you will leave with a Self Care Dreamboard, lead by Tiare Thomas.

The Clarity Retreat, held in July, will be the second of our series. We designed this half day experience focusing on Clarity to help you to get a deeper sense of what you'd like to attract in your life. Maile will be working hands on with you to learn how to create a focused environment for you to use when in need. Tiare will lead you in a Lifeboard session, covering nine core areas of your life. You will leave with essential oil goodies and a Lifeboard created by you.

And for our last retreat of the summer, we crafted a special and full day of Manifesting just for you. Maile has put together a beautiful arrangement of manifesting through essential oils with you. Enjoy a lovely lunch and meaningful conversations with your self care leaders and like minded women on the Patio of Pineapple Patio. After lunch, Tiare will lead you in a light guided meditation and share life long collection of dreamboarding and manifesting tips and talk about what to do after you've created your dreamboard. And to end the evening, Emma will join us to lead you in a crystal bowl sound healing to activate and charge your dreams.

Use this as an opportunity to take a step back from all of the world’s needs and defuse that ticking time bomb before it gets even bigger, or worse...explodes!

If this is something that feels like the answer you have been waiting for, Trust Your Intuition. And think of someone who could support you in your life so that you can take this time. Check in with your significant other, parents or baby sitter and ask them to watch over the kids, ask someone to cover your shift, or play hooky from your day to day routine, so that you can finally have that “me time” that you deserve. And in return, your loved ones will reap the benefits because, you will walk back into their lives with a clear mind, a sense of relief, and radiating with joy; ready to give again.

THE Retreat Series

 Self Care Retreat

Date: Sunday, June 25th

Time: 4:00PM - 8:00 PM

Retreat Activities:

  • Self Care Bar with Essential Oils
  • Guided Meditation & Visualizations
  • Create a Self Care Dreamboard
  • Learn Self Care Manifesting Tips

Clarity Retreat

Date: Sunday, July 30th

Time: 4:00PM - 8:30 PM

Retreat Activities:

  • Clarity Bar
  • Guided Meditation & Visualizations
  • Create a Lifeboard
  • Learn Dreamboard Manifesting Tips

Manifesting Retreat

Date: Sunday, August 27th

Time: 10:00AM - 5:00 PM

Retreat Activities:

  • Essential Oils Manifesting Rituals
  • Guided Meditation & Visualizations
  • Enjoy Lunch outdoors on the patio
  • Manifesting 101
  • Activate & Charge your Dreams with Crystal Bowl Singing Bowls

All Three Retreats

Dates: Sunday, June 25th, July 30th, & August 27th

Retreats include:

  • Self Care Retreart
  • Clarity Retreat
  • Manifesting Retreat (lunch included)
  • Receive instant Savings when you register for all 3!



All three retreats will be held at the

Pineapple Patio

2038 South King Street  Honolulu, HI.  96826

MEET Your Self Care Guides


Tiare Thomas

Life Design Coach, Business Coach & Founder of Aloha Dreamboard

Tiare Thomas is a Life Design Coach who knows how to create clarity, attract true abundance in your life, and generate the courage to turn your wildest dreams into reality. As your dream guide, Tiare embodies the spirit of Aloha in her compassionate understanding, and in her creative ability to help you tap into your inner wisdom.

Tiare has helped clients to define and manifest their dream job, dream partner, dream home. And her clients have shown her again and again - if you can dream it you can attract it. (Read more about Tiare's story here)


Founder of Aila Love & Diamond Leader with Doterra

Maile is a business mentor, essential oils educator, loving wife and homebirth mama of 3 fun-loving daughters. She resides on the island of Oahu, in Manoa Valley and is always down for a good challenge and a fun adventure.

Maile has always had a fierce sense of independence and a desire to be able to take care of herself. Since learning how to incorporate essential oils into her life, she became more confident, as a mother, as a wife, as a human being. Maile's mission is to empower MAMAS to create a lifestyle of balance and ease, which she has found through essential oils. (Learn more about Maile and her Aila Love here)


Soul Guide and Sound Healer

Emma is a gifted soul guide and healer using sound, color light and breath to activate all YOUR senses- which she believes are the the gateways back to wholeness.

She calls herself a lifelong student, as she loves learning and is certified in many healing modalities. Here are just a few: LMT, Yoga (RYT 200), Yoga Nidra, Clinical Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Meditation, Sound Healing, Numerology, Angel Intuitive Reiki Master, Healing Touch.

To finish the end of our retreat series, in the Manifesting Retreat, Emma will join us to lead you in a crystal bowl sound healing to activate and charge your dreams. (Learn more about Emma here)

WANT TO KNOW WHAT a Dreamboard IS?


A dreamboard is a visual representation of your desires, goals, and dreams. Most successful people have created a dreamboard in their life at some point, including Oprah Winfrey. Your dreamboard will serve as a gentle accountability partner for you to be reminded of what you want in life and keep you on track.

Our clients have shared many success stories of attracting their desires and dreams through our dreamboarding process. This includes moving into their dream home, connecting to their purpose in life, attracting a healthier lifestyle, building their dream home renovation, finding their "soul mate," getting that raise they wanted, advancing in their career, traveling to their dream destination, and the list goes on.

our style of dreamboarding is unique


Tiare has a unique style in guiding you to intentionally create your dream life, relationship and business in order to bring your deepest desires into fruition. She coaches you by using the Art of Dream Boarding, Feng Shui, and a variety of strategic techniques in an intuitive way to define and align your core values with your goals and dreams. She has created specialized dreamboards, such as the "Lifeboard" (covering core components of your life), the "Businessboard" (the essence and vision of your business, covering 9 core areas of your business), the "Bossboard" (a Lifeboard for teenagers to inspire them to become more self aware), and more!


Plants have been used effectively for therapeutic benefits throughout history. Essential Oils are organic compounds found in plant materials (such as leaves, bark, sap, fruit, and flowers) that have been extracted + distilled for their natural health benefits.

Essential Oils have a vast range of health benefits and are especially effective because they work with the body to ADDRESS ISSUES + ROOT CAUSES on a cellular level rather than simply treating symptoms.


"The crystal singing bowls infuse the highest vibrations of pure sound and light - aiding in magnifying your thoughts intentions and dreams into reality..."

Watch Emma's video here to learn more about the crystal singing bowls.