The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond and must be polished or the luster of it will never appear

- Daniel Defoe

Exciting News! We have another women's gathering set for August 20th! And it's just what you've been asking for...

Join like minded women as we polish away layers of ourselves to create space within our bodies, minds and souls in a Soul Cleanse Ceremony, including a luxurious chocolate body scrub in the sea. It is in this spaciousness that we can then drop into our heart space and ask our soul, our true self what is next. What does our soul want to express through us in this journey of life?

We are honored to welcome Andrea Berset, founder of ZENZIVA and Alchemist from Haiku, Maui. She will be leading us in a SOUL CLEANSE to create more opportunities for our community of women to connect and support each other.

The chocolate body scrub that Andrea has designed and formulates on Maui is much more than just skin care. She calls it luxurious skin food and beyond it being absolutely incredible at making your skin glow it is also a powerful catalyst for encouraging deep self love and acceptance.

Using the scrub amongst other powerful women at the beach, in the salty ocean and under the golden sun are a few of the natural elements that create the opportunity to fully let go of the old and be re-born into the new. Literally shedding old skin, belief systems and patterns/habits we are ready to transform, with intention.

The chocolate body scrub polishes the skin to perfection and was inspired by the unforgettable Cleopatra. She soaked in lavish chocolate baths as she was well aware of the ancient secret of chocolate being food for the gods.

Andrea creates moments that allow you to fully drop in, and elevate to the highest octave of love. It is on this frequency you truly make love with life. Living Luxuriously in our modern times is basking in this potent realm, accepting ourselves completely, + sharing our love and light with the world.

Allow yourself to be held during the ZENZIVA scrub session so that you may learn to truly hold yourself.

Together we will:

  • Indulge in aromatherapy as Andrea guides you in a heart opening visualization
  • Connect with your-self, like minded women and Mother Earth
  • Place your hearts message in a pua (flower) for heartful intentions
  • Dip in the sea for a Mindful Body Cleanse activating the mind + soul
  • Leisurely polish your body with ZENZIVA's organic chocolate scrub
  • Lay back and relax in the sand allowing for a body reset (everybody's favorite part!)
  • Be re-born with a final dip in the ocean, unveiling your new gloriously glowing skin
  • Nibble on dark chocolate and berries as we celebrate our unique beauty and new connection with each other
  • Closing thoughts & celebration


DATE: Sunday August 20th, 2017

TIME: 10:30AM - 12:30PM

LOCATION: Kaimana Beach


$40 + includes a take home chocolate scrub ($22 retail value)

Andrea Berset is a Maui-based entrepreneur, writer, motivator + founder of ZENZIVA. Inspired by her own personal journey to transform her health, she created ZENZIVA as way to educate people around the world about the power of a well-being life style.
A born alchemist, Andrea is the designer + formulator of the ZENZIVA organic skin food collection + the editor of Zenziva Living, our online magazine. Since creating ZENZIVA and healing her body, she now feels limitless in her ability to expand and empower others to do the same, leading inspiring ZENZIVA scrubs at retreats internationally.

She is passionate in her desire to inspire all of humanity to awaken to their inner power & fall deeply in love with their true selves.

Read Andrea's beauty interview here.


what people are saying about

zenziva's chocolate scrub ceremonies

The scrub session we had at Lanikai was one for the books! We were able to connect with one another in new ways as well as find inner peace & acceptance. I love that we were able to say a prayer for ourselves, someone else, and our Aina. The chocolate scrub got us feeling so incredible on the outside, which only enhanced the goodness we felt on the inside. Loved this event and everything about it, Thank you Andrea! - Lindsay, Kailua

The Chocolate Body Scrub session on the beach with new friends was life-changing! As we scrubbed away layers of skin with the most decadent & delicate of natural ingredients, we transformed our bodies and ourselves. I felt so fresh and renewed after practicing this luxurious ritual for my body. I am in love with ZENZIVA and this incredible product! - Lara, Oahu

There is something so special about ceremony in our lives. Just before I left home, a group of friends ( new & old ) gathered at the beach near my home for a LOVE YOURSELF body scrub session, facilitated by Andrea Berset. We sat in a circle, we allowed each other space to share, and to honor each other's intentions. WE scrubbed off the old skin with the most luxurious of scrubs, and refreshed ourselves with loving thoughts for the future. I love the power of gathering with women, expressing our desires, our dreams and our challenges.It hasn't always been something I have been comfortable doing, and only when I became a mom did I realize the importance of sisterhood. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful women in my life who uplift and support each other. I feel this feminine power is a gift to the world at this time in evolution, and when we as women nurture each other, the earth mother feels the grace and love and the healing begins - Noelani, Haleiwa