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Are you a TEACHER, COUNSELOR or ADVISOR serving at any of our public, private or charter schools in Hawaii?

Our community has teamed up to offer a FULL SPONSORSHIP for our newly launched Mastering the Art of Dreamboard Online Video Course that teaches participants how to create a Lifeboard.

Aloha Dreamboard believes when our school leaders are given the opportunity to DREAM they have the power to inspire our future.

Our mission: 




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We do this by guiding individuals to connect with their passion, purpose and dreams.

Upon sponsorship you will gain access to our Mastering the Art of Dreamboarding Online Video Course you have the power to influence our next generation, and you’re tireless efforts should not go unseen.

YOU deserve it!

This exclusive offer is first and foremost in honor of your efforts. To recognize the good work you do for our students and our community, we recently took a pledge on our Indiegogo campaign to support leaders like you.

For every course purchased, we will be gifting a teacher our online course for free.

If you are interested in this opportunity, simply fill out the application form below and see official entry rules


Before you apply please click here to see official entry rules.

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Rate the statements below on what you believe is true for you. *
Rate the statements below on what you believe is true for you.
Having a dream is important.
Teachers would benefit from identifying their dreams.
I would benefit from taking the time to identify my dreams.
Students would benefit from teachers who set big dreams.
Happy dreamers will change the world!
Please keep your answers between 3-5 sentences. Examples: "I read the Secret." "I've created a dreamboard with friends and I manifested my dream home."
Please keep your answers between 3-5 sentences.
Please keep your answers between 3-5 sentences.
Please keep your answers between 3-5 sentences.
Please keep your answers between 3-5 sentences.


Email a photo of you or your school's logo. We will post your photo on our website along with your first and last name, job title, school name, and answers to your questions that you submit. This will give our community a chance to select who they would like to sponsor. Once you have been selected we will email you the necessary info to receive your Mastering The Art of Dreamboarding Online Course fully sponsored.


Sponsorship Overview:

This sponsorship program is dedicated to teachers, counselors and advisors serving at any of our public, private, or charter schools in Hawaii. We are choosing to honor YOU because you have the direct power to influence future generations to come and you deserve it!

With access to our Mastering the Art of Dreamboarding Online Video Course, you will have the opportunity to define, create and envision your dreams and serve as a role model to the students you teach.

Contest Duration:

Our goal is to sponsor a total of 100 teachers, counselors and advisors by the end of 2018.

Participant Eligibility:

This sponsorship is open to kindergarten through college level teachers, counselors and advisors in public, private and charter schools in the state of Hawaii. Entries must be from individuals only; groups, organizations, and multiple-party entries are not eligible.


Aloha Dreamboard will verify the eligibility of each applicant; if an applicant is found to be ineligible to enter the contest, their entry will be considered invalid. Entrants must fill out all required portions of the entry form to be eligible for consideration. We will select some of your answers on your application to be posted up on our website for you to be hand selected from our community to be sponsored. Limit one entry per person per applicant; if an applicant enters more than one time they will not be selected more than once.

Claiming your award:

Once you’ve been selected for sponsorship, you will receive an email with a link to access our Mastering the Art of Dreamboarding Online Video Course that focuses on creating a Lifeboard.

A message to all applicants:

We would like to express our deepest gratitude. One of the primary reasons we designed this sponsorship program this way is to inspire our community to dream and DREAM BIG!

Part of Aloha Dreamboard’s gift is that we are a catalyst to bringing others dreams to fruition. Our objective is to help you stretch beyond your comfort zone; To move beyond momentary discomfort to stand for what you truly believe in and create a ripple effect of happy dreamers. When you sign up for this sponsorship, you are taking a bold action in the direction of your dreams and inspiring others along the way. Think of this as one of the many steps you’ll take to materialize your longest held desires. We know you will gain confidence from this process.

After all, taking risks, putting yourself out there and doing new things is what being a leader is all about. Good luck to all our participants. Let's ignite the possibilities and enhance universal happiness one dream at a time! 




Heather Faustin - Founder of Make A Difference Counseling

“I'm a dreamer, so there was no convincing needed for me, but if you're considering this workshop and something is standing in your way, I promise you, you will only walk out feeling rejuvenated, excited, and inspired. It's about time we invest in ourselves! #putitontheboard”



Eston R. - Musician & Model

Tiare is masterfully talented at this. The specific skill that I've experienced with Tiare is that she creates a comfortable mental & emotional space for you to consider your life experience and what you want from it. I mean like what you aaaacccctuuuualllly want from it, you know like the things you maybe don't tell your friends or significant other because like maybe it's too ‘crazy’...”


Jessica Ando - Counselor, Artist

I have been working on various Dreamboards with Tiare for three years now and it has changed my life. I have gained so many positive outcomes by having the guidance from Tiare to know what I want and to have the courage to put it on my board and share it with others. She also is very dedicated to knowing what your dreams are, getting to know you, and helping you to achieve them. My personal life and my art business has grown in so many ways and I truly see that my work with Tiare has been the foundation behind all the positive changes.  

I am so excited that Dreamboard workshops can now be accessible through an online course. Knowing Tiare, she will put every bit of her energy and intention into these courses and she will be able to reach many more people.  

I think it is a great step to bring this course into the educational system because this is the kind of energy and direction we should be teaching our youth. They have so much creative energy and potential and in the hands of teachers, counselors and advisors, they will be able to foster and guide youth to learn about themselves and about how they see their role in this world. 

John R.jpg

John Rankin - Iolani summer school teacher, Entrepreneurship

Tiare has graciously volunteered her time over the past few summers to lead a Dreamboard Workshop for our summer school students at Iolani School. Dreamboarding is an excellent way for the students to envision all of the things they want and what type of future they'd like to create for themselves. During the two-day workshop, Tiare led the students in creating a dreamboard focusing on nine different areas of their lives and what they'd like to accomplish in each area. Her caring and supportive qualities definitely lends itself to not only working with adults but also with children. The students also had time to present and share their dreams with the rest of the class to further manifest the outcomes they desired. It was an inspirational session and Tiare did a wonderful job supporting each student to conceptualize their dreams. I would recommend Tiare to anyone, young or old who feel they need a little more focus and direction in their lives!

interested in becoming a sponsor?! 


Buy one course for yourself and gift one to a teacher, advisor, or counselor.