Tiare Thomas just pulled desires and passions out of me I had no idea even existed! I knew her dreamboarding workshop was going to be powerful, but it was beyond life changing! I feel like a lotus flower that has just unfolded another layer of my evolution. The clarity that I feel about my purpose on this planet has never been so clear. Now that I know without a doubt my mission as an individual and for my business, I feel as though nothing can get in the way of my goals! 

Before her workshop I was just floating/dancing around everything I had going on with my business, now I feel defined, grounded, rooted in my truth, power, and capabilities to make all of my dreams come true! ! Tiare’s ability to guide you to our own authenticity is incredible, and seriously worth the investment. 

This workshop takes dream boarding to many levels beyond the original expectations, to find your true purpose & mission here on planet earth. If you have any doubt whatsoever as to why you are here, go to this event and be transformed. 

Thank you Tiare for your wisdom, insight and generosity of time you shared with us!

Forever grateful,

Andrea Berset

Founder and Formulator of ZENZIVA

photo Brooke Dombroski

photo Brooke Dombroski

Working one on one with Tiare has helped me tap into my highest values and my commitment to personal growth and living my dreams. I walk away from every session we have inspired and ready to complete my goals and manifest my ultimate reality. Tiare's insight and understanding of vision boards is a powerful tool that will become a part of your everyday life! It's been almost 3 years since my first session and it's been encouraging to see how my dream board changes as I accomplish my goals.  Working on my dreamboard encourages my creativity and channels my focus to connect with what it is I really want. My newest dreamboard spotlights what I want to cultivate this year. This includes more traveling (and travel writing!), being my own boss, meditating daily, finding a photography mentor and owning a few chickens! 

Leslie Schipper

Yoga Instructor & Journalist

I attended Tiare's "Aloha Dreamboard" workshop a little over a week ago and I am still in total disbelief in everything that's taken place since then and what a profound impact this has made on me! The workshop was a lot of fun but also makes you really reflect on your life and what you want to manifest. They will ask you some very deep and meaningful questions and guide you through the process so you can set your intentions. You'll also do a very relaxing meditation so you can let your inner guide chime in and lead you. I really enjoyed it and started a fantastic board for myself and my goals.

One of the main things I really focused on was financial security and freedom. I kid you not, the blessings started coming as soon as I walked out the door! I immediately went to a company holiday party after the workshop, and instantly won a $100 cash door prize. I never really won anything before so I was shocked. That week, I was still stressed since money is tight around the holidays, but I continued working on my Dreamboard and put it right in my bedroom where I can see it every day. Sure enough, I randomly got a $500 check in the mail when I needed it the most. I was more than pleased and grateful for all of this, but then today something even more incredible happened! I got to work and got an email notifying me I was receiving a $2500 bonus and would get it every quarter! That's an increase of $10k a year! I was totally shocked. This will truly help me to be more secure financially just like I put on my Dreamboard.


It's kind of unreal to think of all this happening within 10 days of this workshop. I don't think the Dreamboard itself made all this happen, but rather using the law of attraction as instructed in the workshop is what brought all this to me so quickly. When you set an intention and really focus on positive thoughts as if you already have it and BELIEVE, then you will attract it. Simple as that. This was an amazing experience that has truly opened endless doors for me. There is no way I could thank Tiare enough, and I truly believe everyone should invest in themselves by attending. If you are ready to live the life of your dreams, this is a perfect first step!!


Business Financial Manager, La Vie Boheme


It has been one year since I first took Tiare's Aloha Dreamboard workshop. In reflecting on this past year, I am amazed at how my dreams, hopes, and goals have fallen into place.

My intention for the past year was to "Create a life that I love." At the time of the workshop I had recently made the decision to start selling my artwork and put it out into the world. Meeting Tiare was such a blessing as she became a great support of my art and growing business. With Tiare's guided meditations and coaching skills at her worshop, I was able to think of specific dreams I had for my art business and put them on my Dreamboard. Throughout 2015, I met and came across the right people that further supported my art. I was able to start collaborating with other artists and selling my art at one of my favorite boutiques-- Lily Lotus.  I also accomplished my goal of having my own booth at the Haleiwa Arts Festival.  Each time these dreams became a reality, I was filled with overflowing feelings of love and gratitude. It has been an honor to witness the unfolding of my own dreams.

On a more personal level, I also set intentions to be at a deeper place of peace within myself and to have a strong sense of trust and love as my inner foundation. Through regular yoga and mediation, I was able to come closer to that part of myself. As 2015 came to a close, I felt a sense of abundance and awe for all that had taken place, and felt that I really had created a life that I love!! I feel in touch with my most authentic self and trust that others will see that as well.

I look forward to taking Tiare's dreamboard workshops repeatedly, as it serves as an excellent way to become clear of what my dreams are and to visualize them. My overall well being has increased! It feels great to live life knowing that attaining your dreams is a real possibility for us all!

Jessica Ando

Artist and owner of Blissography

I decided to take the workshop because I had heard about dreamboards but didn't really know much about them, how to do them or set them up. I also had a friend in town visiting and I thought she would really benefit from the workshop.

Before the workshop I was excited and interested to see what it would be like. After the workshop I felt inspired and I was really happy with the reflection and introspection we did from the activities before we started creating the boards.  

I discovered a lot about myself, one thing that stuck out to me is who I chose to spend my time with and how important it is to surround myself with positive, inspiring people.

I loved the workshop! It makes it so obvious that without a plan, you can just float through life. If you know what you want, it makes it a whole lot easier to get it!  I have also noticed how what I put on the board and out into the world is starting to reflect back on me. For the romance section of my life, I said I wanted to meet a kind, caring guy who wants to settle down, and then I met 3 different guys who fit that description. Still looking though. 

Kelsey Barden

I’ve thought about doing a vision board for years and when I heard about Tiare’s class, I knew it was time I take action. It was like I was a child again. I let myself dream and was able to put a picture or word to my thoughts. The class had great energy due to Tiare's positive encouragement, preparation and patient guidance. Even for a few hours I got to really focus on me. 

Later, I was able to make a vision board with my husband for my son as a graduation present for a children’s seminar.  He was overjoyed with it and has it hanging on his wall next to his bed. This is so much fun and in time this simple board will bring tears to your eyes as you see your dreams unveil itself in so many unexpected ways.

Heidi Taam

Mama Bear, Media Coordinator, Feng Shui Consultant, Hawaiian Fightgear Partner

I have been dreamboarding with Life Coach, and Dreamboard Expert, Tiare Thomas for about seven years now. I have seen so many of my dreams come to fruition since! HUGE and AMAZING Dreams, like meeting and becoming friends with my heroes and gurus, traveling to places that I thought I could not afford, spending time in Tahoe in the snow with my family on Christmas, all the way up to launching my very own successful skincare line.

When I saw this happen, I knew it was time to take my dream boarding to the next level. I hired Tiare as my business coach and partner. I say "partner," because that's what it feels like having her as a business coach.

Since creating our business board, goals and plans together, I have seen my business flourish in just a short eight months. We launched in March of 2016 and it is now December, and we have been on National TV, in Organic Spa Magazine (my favorite spa magazine), and can be found in stores and spas across the US. Half of my “dream accounts” that I put on my "Business Board" have already been landed. I can’t wait to see how Tiare’s partnership will help me stay true to myself and my brand in 2017.

Kapua Inglis Browning

Wife, mother of four, Owner of Honua Hawaiian Skin Care

Tiare's Dreamboard Workshop is an excellent way to envision all of the things you want in your life. She was gracious enough to attend our "Be an Entrepreneur" class at Iolani School and assist the students in visualizing what kind of future they wanted to create for themselves. The students all created their own dreamboards, specifically on what they wanted their future careers to resemble. It was an inspirational session and Tiare did a wonderful job supporting each student to conceptualize their dreams.

John Rankin

Teacher - Iolani Summer School

Tiare I want to thank you for letting me participate in your vision board workshop. My vision board is still a work in progress and I am finding that the things I intended to draw upon with the intent for a better life and future, have begun to take positive direction in their own time. I am finding that the areas of my life I wanted to take to a higher level - health, family, career, love - are all manifesting themselves in beautiful, miraculous ways. Your workshop was fun and I felt supported and encouraged by you and the other participants. Your providing of the many plentiful magazines, visuals and materials made it easy to create my vision in form of text and pictures. 

I would highly recommend this workshop to other women and men of all ages. Our lives are constantly evolving and to be able to shape and have influence over it in the form of a solid visual life map has been highly beneficial. Looking forward to another one in the future! 

Michelle Tricca

Michelle Tricca Photography