Are  you feeling overwhelmed with life? Are you seeking a more purposeful & more balanced life, or simply looking to enhance your already awesome life?


We believe everyone has the power to create the life they dream to live and ultimately...


We have helped many leaders like yourself, who make the choice to step into their power,

to create their DREAM LIFE, and LIVE IT! 

We are a personal life and business development company. Aloha Dreamboard is designed for anyone who is looking to create more meaningful relationships or organize their life or business. We provide practical tools and resources that strengthen focus and purpose for building your dream life and living it–with intention. Our unique blend of guided meditation, intention setting, visualization and Feng Shui, fused with our distinct dreamboarding method, work as a harmonious guide to deeper self-discovery. We offer retreats, seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals and businesses.

Attend one of our Aloha Dreamboard events or book a private session today to begin your journey in creating a more balanced way of life through the self-awareness tools, exercises and practices that we offer.

What is a Dreamboard?

A Dreamboard is a visual representation of your desires and dreams. It is a powerful tool used to identify and manifest what you want through imagery, text and color. In our dreamboard workshops and coaching sessions we combine dreamboarding with intentional exercises and Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the art of defining space or placement which connects to specific areas of your life. This then allows magnetic waves or energy, called “Chi,” to align into those areas. This Chi brings balance and harmony while helping to magnetize your goals, desires and the life that you dream to live.