The Papaya Exchange: Gifting with Intention

With the Christmas season upon us, we wanted to officially welcome our new neighbor to the Pineapple Patio and introduce you to the business!

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Janean Abbott started out working as a school nurse for a year and spent her summer break doing web design work for clients. By the time a new school year came around the corner, she realized that she could make more money from web design and working from home so she transitioned into a new career.

For the next few years, Janean put her energy into building a business offering her services as a virtual administrator for small companies. She eventually began creating gifts for her husband’s clients on the side and then for her virtual administrative clients for fun about four years ago. “Every year my husband wanted to send gifts to his clients so he would find promotional items online. I would help him and each year I would put a little bit more thought into it and instead of getting one item, I would beginning curating different things,” the business owner shared. It was doing this experience that she became inspired to support local businesses when picking out items for the gifts.

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About two years ago, Janean debated about going full-time with her gifting hobby but decided to sit on it and watch how it trended on the mainland. It didn’t quite pick up here so I was just waiting and seeing when a good time would be.” Finally, The Papaya Exchange started as a full-time business in July 2016 and launched its first official product online in November 2016. All of the skills that she learned from her virtual administrative business helped her in designing all the custom packaging and the logo designs for her new gifting shop. “It’s one thing to put all these gifts into a nice box but when it’s customized and personalized, it’s so much more fun!” Since then the official launch of the business, Janean has encountered various people who see the gift packages she would make and ask about her services.

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“The way that I launched our gift shop was by taking holiday pre-orders so from November to the first week of December, people could order online. I didn’t have to buy all the inventory upfront because I didn’t know how many orders we would get. We were just starting,” Janean explained. Only having one product in the beginning, The Papaya Exchange slowly grew to now having an array of products from local businesses around the island. Some of the most popular products the gifting shop carries include honey, candles, coasters, sea salts and tea towels. “But as a small business there is only so much inventory that I can carry so I try to keep some foundational products that we carry year-round and then three to four times a year try to bring one or two products in.” When it comes to looking for new products to add into the mix, Janean shares that she constantly searches for different hashtags on Instagram, following as many local businesses as she can, attending different markets and keeping an eye out for what’s on the market.

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Each time people request for client gifts, Janean goes through a process of sitting down with the business and ask them questions of what they look for in the package, what they want their customers to feel when they open the box and questions of that nature. “We let the products be a part of the story rather than just picking a few fun products to put into a package.” She does the same with individual gifts, asking the people who they plan to give the gift to, information about the person and what they want the gift to communicate to the recipient. When it comes to gifting with intention, Janean compares it to slow cooking. “You’re not in a rush. It’s a process instead of just checking a person off of a list. It’s about the relationship you have with them and being thoughtful about the person you’re gifting and how are you giving back to the local community. We’re like a broker between the two.”

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While The Papaya Exchange continues to grow, Janean stated, “we want to continue to grow with our client gift so working with other local businesses to help with their gifting needs. We are in the process of also networking with local hotels.” In the meantime, she continues to express her appreciation for having a working space at the Pineapple Patio. “I like that it’s a hybrid space so it’s not full retail but it’s also not just office space. It provides a good balance for me personally to have that space where I can create and invite other people into but can also step away from everything or just close the doors and go home.”

For more about The Papaya Exchange and their gifting services, check out their website at:

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Aloha Dreamboard Gives Thanks

With Thanksgiving here, the season of gratitude and thanks has given many people the opportunity and space to reflect on their lives. This time provides a moment where individuals remember what they feel most grateful for and recognize that. In the season of Thanksgiving, our team would like to share with you what they feel most grateful for out of all the things they have manifested throughout 2017.


Tiare Thomas

When I think of all of the exciting and great things I've manifested in my life, what stands out to me is the most rewarding of them all, healthy and loving relationships.

I am grateful for the relationships I have in my life. The people who have invested their time and energy into loving me. The people who have trusted in teaming up with me to be of service. The people who have been my voice when I lacked confidence. The people who have been a shining light in my life. Those who have made me laugh. The people who have pushed me out of my comfort zone to help lift me up so that I continue to strive for greatness. These people are my family. They are other human beings who lead by example, radiating love and light, through honoring their intuition and simply being.



Erik Harris

I am the most grateful for attracting people in my life who are in alignment with my core values because they help me to be the best version of myself.



Kamalei Grace

What I have manifested this year that I am grateful for is a supportive and loving relationship. This year my partner and I have gone through many challenges and changes; from family deaths, moving into a place of our own, a change in income, and even rescuing our now (very spoiled) pet Mr. Whiskers. Like every journey, we all experience the highs and lows of life. But I couldn't have gotten through any of it if it weren't for my loving and supportive man. Having a partner in life to grow with is very important. We both support each other on our journeys and are there for each other when we trip or fall along the way. But most importantly we are there for each other to celebrate our wins! I have always dreamed of having a relationship filled with so much love, understanding, passion, and strength. Although we are far from perfect, I couldn't be more grateful to be living my dream.


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Lalaine Ignao

This year, I found myself working towards becoming more happy with the career aspect of my life. After graduating from college earlier than my class, I aimlessly searched for a career that would make me feel most happy. Once I started to write and freelance for various publications and organizations, I worked towards focusing my career in freelance journalism. This year, I have become the most grateful for manifesting the opportunity to become a freelancer, giving me opportunities that I never imagined receiving if I remained in my past careers. Manifesting this career has given me the freedom to live my life the way I want to, without having to commit myself to one single employer.  


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Kecia Littman

I have manifested a beauty studio in Kaimuki called Palm on 8.  I was looking for a space with a colleague for a long time. I wanted to have a place where I could do facial treatments and private makeup lessons and appointments and she wanted to find a place where she could do her color and hair services.  

We were manifesting the right location equipped with everything that we would need in order to run a beauty salon.  I am grateful that I was patient on waiting for the right space to come. It was focusing on the right place at the right time. Please visit our website for more information at to view a list of our services.


Angela Maki Vernon

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Life is beautiful when you have friends who support you, inspire you, and push you to your limit so you can grow and loves you infinitely!



A few big things I've manifested this year that I'm grateful for are...

  • To commit to my personal growth by being the best version of myself, because of the support and love from my family and friends.

  • Also, to believe in myself, that I am worthy.

  • To be confident so that I can make choices that will serve me.

  • To trust others more and most of myself so that I can fulfill my purpose in life; to create abundance of love and oneness in this world.

  • It’s been a roller coaster ride since I started this journey because I chose into limited beliefs/old programming that was not serving me.

  • There were times I wanted to give up, days that I just couldn’t believe that I was worthy, times that I doubted that I was capable of achieving my greatness.

  • It took a lot of focus and determination to create change, create new beliefs/new programming.

  • And with all the support and love from my friends and mentors, I was able to stay on this journey and to be committed so that others can believe in themselves.

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Salina Storozuk

This year I am most GRATEFUL that I attended the Yoga Philosophy Course at the North Shore Silent Meditation Garden in Pupukea. It has changed my life forever.

One of my yoga students gave me the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda & within days I got an email saying you only have a few days left to apply for the Yoga Philosophy course which happened to be based on that very book! Of course it was a sign so I applied and got accepted at the last minute. It was all meant to be.

I have been more introspective and quieter since taking the 6-day course in May. It has brought me back to the remembrance of my purpose in life which is to realize my oneness with God, Self, the Divine, Source, Universe whatever you want to call the Great Mystery. Taking the course, reading the works of Paramahansa Yogananda and my meditation practice thereafter have helped me get more connected and attuned to my true nature, my essential goodness and worthiness as a spiritual being living a temporary life as a human being. Which is a huge shift in identify. No longer am I merely a mortal identified with a small ego-self, but I realize that I am Soul, I am Spirit; I am infinite, eternal and immortal. That’s huge! I work on remembering this every day, because I can still be forgetful and let myself run with the ego which always gets me in trouble!

The course also demystified yoga for me, to see the small significance of yoga asana (physical postures) in the big scheme of Yoga. No one has to do physical yoga postures to practice yoga. Yep that’s right! The essence of yoga is meditation, with the intention of realizing your oneness with God. That’s it. And that is the purpose of life as well. I’ve been more at ease with my own Ashtanga yoga asana practice since. I don’t identify my worth with how good I can do a pose. I don’t see my students in that way either. I have changed and hopefully for the better, so I may continue to humbly serve all beings everywhere to help all awaken to their true nature of Self.



Kara Jovic

What I've continued to manifest this year that I am grateful for is the profound gift of being home in Hawaii near my family and enjoying showing my husband the beauty of where I grew up, exploring and having adventures on all sides of the world. I'm also very grateful to be doing work that I love, creating in a way that is aligned to my truest values.



Nikki Nguyen

I've manifested adventure without even realizing it. I've had the opportunity to visit and re-visit some amazing locations in Vietnam, Thailand, New York and even new spots in Hawai'i and California that I already thought I knew so well. The humbling experiences have taught me that it's much more important to "go after life with a sense of 'why not?'" even if it means spending 30 hours on planes in a single weekend.


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Mudra Love

I am most grateful for manifesting a house! After countless open houses and falling out of escrow more than once, my husband and I finally landed the perfect home! Looking back at all the homes we were interested in and a few that we were very close to buying, I know the Universe had greater plans for us. The home we are in now couldn’t be more suitable to us and our lifestyle. We love its peace and serenity!


Jessica Ando

I’ve been manifesting wanting to do larger paintings and possibly murals. So I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to paint my largest water color this year for Aloha Dreamboard!





Dreamers, in this day in age, remember to slow down and take the time to reflect. Recognize how much you have gone through in your own journeys in life and practice gratitude. Give thanks for all that you experience in life and stay grateful.

What have you manifested this year that you feel most grateful for?

3- QUICK & EASY ways to kick your dreams into high gear!

1. Your emotions speak louder than words ... so get a grip!

Positive affirmations and speaking your dreams out loud is a powerful practice. But saying one thing and communicating vibrationally on another level isn't going to get you where you want. Your feelings must match your words. It takes practice to increase your own believability, but this is key to becoming a masterful Manifestor. Get this right, and you will have the whole world at your fingertips.

2. Focus on the good stuff

What brings you JOY? What makes you want to belt out the lyrics of your favorite song? What melts your heart? What makes you do the happy dance? Focus on what you want not what you don't want. If you notice yourself focusing on the negative, be thankful for the realization that whatever it is that is consuming your energy doesn't make you happy. Practice feeling good about everything, even the negative thoughts because they give you insight. Shift your perspective, find the silver lining. 


Just like meditation should not be reserved to the cushion, your dreams are not tied to your vision board. Put your vision board in a prominent place in your home, look at it every day, bring them to life, take them with you wherever you go. Practice communicating with the Universe, because guess what? It's always listening ;-)