Dreamer of the Month: Salina Storozuk

Born in Massachusetts, Salina Storozuk moved around a lot as a product of a military family. She calls herself an “earthling” as she has no real home base and considers herself just a being on Earth. But she made Hawaii her home, after visiting, while attending the University of Washington in Seattle and fell in love. Salina shared a belief that she suffered from a seasonal effective disorder and felt her mood completely change when she visited the island.

She eventually found herself in a four-year relationship that caused her to move around again to California and New York but after the break-up, returned to Hawaii heartbroken and lost.

“I was very confused and wanted more clarity in my life.”

Knowing how her good friend felt, Tiare insisted Salina to come over to her house for a dreamboard session which, at the time, still new to the Aloha Dreamboard owner. As Tiare's first client, Salina decided to try it out, because she felt lost from the break up and not knowing what career path to take next in life. Explaining her intentions back then, Salina remembers wanting to simply get direction in life. The first dreamboard she created with Tiare was filled with surface-level thoughts, including getting into a new relationship, having a new career and ways to thrive in life on her own and not living just to get by. 

“My dreamboard was like a mirror. It was a reflection of what was in my head, my heart, my thoughts, desires and dreams were there and images that I chose to go with them. It was a practice, an awareness, or consciousness or like seeing this is what I want.”

It took a few years to see the results of Salina’s dreamboard but the process helped her hone into what she truly wanted out of life. After the first dreamboard session, she continued to do more sessions with Tiare. With each session, Salina would leave feeling more specific and clear with her intentions. And through commitment, focus and investing in coaching sessions with Tiare, Salina now owns her own yoga company, Flo Yoga Hawaii, LLC, teaching at hotels in Waikiki to tourists from around the world. Salina also manifested one of her dream jobs, working full-time at Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, a heart disease reversal center. This gives her the opportunity to educate people about yoga, meditation, nutrition and provide a support group for lifestyle transformation.

“Spirituality is the foundation, what drives me. My core values revolve around spirituality, health, well being.”

Since she started the dreamboard sessions with Tiare, Salina’s life has consisted of a lot more simplicity, which also shows in her more recent dreamboards.

“They used to be visually cluttered. Images I choose are simple now, clarity behind them is more solid. Career change, full time business, have my own job.”

The yoga business owner came from a financially unstable lifestyle, struggling to afford a stable life and home. She was working in the film industry as a producer prior to leaving the industry for her love for yoga and health.

“Yoga started as a self care thing and flooded into areas of service to others, the community and friends, and prosperity.”

When doing a dreamboard session with Tiare in comparison to doing one alone, Salina shares that the Aloha Dreamboard owner goes in-depth, starting from the core and asking deeper questions about each section of her clients life. She has them make lists of qualities that they want to experience, what they truly want. Tiare will ask them where they want to put their energy towards in their life, what they want to achieve, and what they want to put their hearts and minds to. “It’s very empowering and inspiring. She helps give me an increase in self-esteem and feeling of becoming more motivated and inspired, having clarity and knowing what I want or what is my purpose in all the different areas of my life.”

“Ask the right questions about myself. It’s the key to receiving the right answer or insight to what I want. She catches me on the surface and probes a little deeper in a compassionate way. It’s just the love I receive and the reflection. To have someone that believes in me and provides a warm loving platform.”

The biggest manifestation that Salina has achieved from her dreamboard comes from the prosperity section of her dreamboard. She placed a peaceful, serene, clean and comfortable home as a sign of prosperity and abundance.

Salina called herself a “gypsy soul,” moving many times in life to different houses, apartments, multiple times. “Finally, in the last year, I have found a home that feels amazing and it's been on my dreamboard for so long.”

What’s next for Salina?

“I am deepening my spiritual practice.”

She wants to have a little more time to continue learning more about herself and higher self. Since her journey with Aloha Dreamboard began, Salina has been focusing on deepening her meditation and spiritual path. She believes this will contribute towards building a stronger foundation and will lead towards strengthening her internal happiness and fulfillment, specifically with her own meditation practice and connection to divine practice.

"It's the foundation and root of everything else in life."

She also hopes to achieve all the yoga poses she placed on her dreamboard as it relates to hard work, dedication and commitment to learning and mastering yoga lineage and tradition.

“It’s like planting the seeds with images on the dreamboard and it manifests without me even knowing or consciously saying that it will everyday that it’s going to happen.”

To Salina, Aloha Dreamboard provides a community and group of people looking to transform their personal lives and make a positive contribution to the world. This community feeds Salina and motivates her to keep going in her life.

“My connection with Tiare is very special, she really cares about me and my dreams, and is like that with everyone she works with. She is able to give care and love for others and gives them the ability to go after their dreams.”
“It has really helped me get to know myself, my values, and what truly matters to me in my life. It’s been a real journey to self discovery and being authentic, not compromising, and staying true to myself. The structure that Tiare has created, the services she offers and the process she shares has helped me to get to know myself deeper and live from an authentic place. I’m truly grateful to Aloha Dreamboard. I feel like it’s going to be a lifelong relationship between myself and what Tiare has to offer because it has benefited me so much. I totally believe in what she’s doing. And I want it to help many other people too.”
Salina Storozuk, Yogini & Founder of Flo Yoga Hawaii recently spoke at TEDxHonolulu about the Flow State.

Salina Storozuk, Yogini & Founder of Flo Yoga Hawaii recently spoke at TEDxHonolulu about the Flow State.

Dreams Salina has manifested since she began her journey with Aloha Dreamboard:
1.    The perfect home
2.    A stable, full-time career
3.    Yoga business, Flo Yoga Hawaii, LLC
4.    Clarity and spiritual lifestyle in mediation and yoga
5.    Self-care and confident for herself

Beginning with a rough start of starting over on her own and without a significant other, Salina found solitude through Tiare’s dreamboard sessions. Not knowing exactly what she wanted out of life, she developed general ideas which became more and more clear and concise over time.

How about you dreamers, are you ready to take the next step into manifesting your ultimate lifestyle?

Want to get clear,

strengthen your confidence

and strengthen your manifesting skills?

Dreaming of a Perfect Retreat...

What better way to start dream boarding than by dreaming up a perfect get-away retreat?! White sand beaches, crystal clear waters, palm trees swaying in the warm summer breeze …  just hearing these words is enough to put a smile on my face and I live in Hawaii!

Yet, this is exactly what I imagined at the Reignite Your Light Self Care Retreat I attended last month, hosted by Aloha Dreamboard founder, Tiare Thomas and essential oil advocate and owner of Aila Love, Maile Maii. Throw in some mouthwatering tandoori chicken, buttery garlic nan, and sweet mango lassi and suddenly my retreat took on a tropical, south Indian flair. Goa? Kerala? It all sounded like heaven!

Just when I thought my fantasy retreat couldn’t get any better, Tiare asked, “Now who is sharing this space with you?” Immediately, my wonderful and loving husband came into view, engulfing me with his warmth and gentle presence. Together, we splashed in the pool at our 5- star resort, received deep and nourishing Ayurvedic massages and shared in the bottomless romance of our love. As the visualization practice was coming to a close and we were instructed to open our eyes, I felt a deep and long-lasting sense of peace and happiness – the kind that lingers for a while and keeps you pleasant company. And, isn’t that what a “self-care” retreat is all about? To feel nourished and at peace?

Moreover, what makes Tiare’s dream board retreat so special is that not only do you leave feeling at ease, but you get - to DREAM – to MANIFEST- to CREATE- to let your imagination run WILD- to SHARE- to COMMUNE- to CONNECT- and importantly, to BELIEVE that everything you ever imagined is within the realm of possibility.



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