Creativity + Clarity + Connection

In July I shared with my fellow Dreamboarders what it was like to attend my first Dreamboarding session. Picture white sand beaches, palm trees swaying in the breeze, sweet mango lassi tantalizing your taste buds and you have entered my dream retreat. Hosted by Aloha Dreamboard founder, Tiare Thomas and owner of Aila Love, Maile Mai this self-care retreat was exactly what many of us needed. It was a space to come together, relax our minds and indulge in the realm of possibility.

While I have yet to attend another Dreamboarding session, there are three things that I believe you will undoubtedly experience at Tiare’s lovely workshops: creativity, clarity and connection.


Through Tiare’s guided meditation and visualization exercises you will get in touch with your creative side. I don’t consider myself a very visual or creative person so I was genuinely surprised by the extent of the details I was able to capture during my visualization. I imagined crystal clear waters dancing along the shores of Goa, rustling palm trees swaying gently in the warm summer breeze, juicy tandoori chicken falling off the bone, deep and nourishing Ayurveda massages and more.



Once we were finished with the visualization portion, we were instructed to write 5-7 key elements that stood out during our practice. This helps you get very clear on the most important aspects of your visualization. And, if we ever got stuck choosing between keywords or phrases we were instructed to follow our gut. This same principle is advised when choosing images for our Dreamboard. Choosing that which resonates with you the most and discarding the rest is a good rule of thumb not just for Dreamboarding, but day-to-day life.




    Perhaps one of the greatest takeaways from Tiare’s Dreamboarding session is the power of connection. As soon as you enter her space and surrender yourself to whatever may unfold, trust and vulnerability take over which allows for deep and meaningful connections to take place. You realize that you are sharing a space with supportive and like-minded individuals who also love to dream! As you share your hopes, goals and aspirations you will feel empowered and equally inspired when you hear the dreams of others. You may even be surprised to learn how similar you are to the person sitting next to you!


Never stop dreaming,

Mudra <3


September 2017's Makers Market


With the new office in place at the Pineapple Patio and the company buzzing with new clients and upcoming workshops, this past Sunday marked Aloha Dreamboard’s very first Makers Market event!

The last Sunday of every month, Pineapple Patio hosts an event called Makers Market, the organization’s most popular collaborative event. Makers Market is a monthly experience that curates and brings together 10-15 local small businesses at Pineapple Patio’s indoor/outdoor space for a day of shopping, eating and plant loving. This month featured acai bowls from The Stick and The Ball, ShAloha sandwiches, pita bread and hummus, plants from The Hobby Planter, jewelry, clothing and wellness products from local businesses here in Hawaii.

While everyone shopped around and ate delicious food, Aloha Dreamboard provided the opportunity to the community to participate in our “Ask a Life Coach” complimentary consultations from 10:00AM-2:00PM. These 20 minute session with Life Design coach Tiare Thomas gave interested individuals the chance to connect with a life coach and ask for advice or learn about the workshops that Aloha Dreamboard offers. From asking advice about love, which career path to take on next to learning more about the upcoming workshops, individuals made the most of their time with Tiare.

Thanks to the collaborative event at the Pineapple Patio, Aloha Dreamboard welcomed more excited individuals to start their journey towards manifesting their dream life! We look forward to future Makers Market event and hope to see you all in the future events!

DAY 4 Spread The Aloha Tour in Kamakura at Sugata

Sugata Kamakuraにてのワークショップに参加して下さった皆さんSugata Kamakuraさん、有難うございました!とても素晴らしい時間を皆さんと過ごす事が出来てhappyです。又皆さんにお会いする日を楽しみにしています。



Mahalo Sugata and all who participated in working on your dreams! Thank you for the delicious curry soup and great hospitality. It was exciting to hear everyone share their new dreams, including having a couple who are so open to share and motivated to grow. We had a great time and hope to see you again soon.

Please keep focused on your dreams and continue to believe in the infinite possibilities. You got this! :)