Dreamer of the Month: Reuben Macapinlac


Aloha Dreamboard has assisted in manifesting a variety of dreams for its clients. From the ultimate vacation trip to the love of one’s life, people’s lives continue to change because of the magic and beauty behind manifestations. For Reuben Macapinlac, he rediscovered his passions and received an amazing job opportunity - all in less than a year.


After feeling super burnt out with his last job, Reuben reached out to Life Design Coach Tiare Thomas to lead him in an assessment of what his values entailed and help him in reflecting on which industry fits him best. As a former property manager, he realized that he wanted a career that provided more strategic planning into creating something and contribute to a bigger project. Before starting his journey with Aloha Dreamboard, Reuben received a recommendation from a friend at Hawaiian Electric Company. He applied for a job position but after not hearing back from them for two months, he assumed that someone else received the job offer.

But after almost two months of working with Tiare, Hawaiian Electric Company gave him a call for an interview that gave him the position he works now.

“This was a manifestation.”


While his past job provided him an amazing raise and promotion, Reuben’s heart was not in it. He worked so much to the point where he felt like something was missing. Working with Tiare, he appreciated the concept of dreamboarding and rediscovered his values after realizing that he never really knew what they were.

“I really put an importance on love and self love. I’m a very personable person and fostering relationships as everything I do and act upon should be out of the place of love.”

Along with that, he has received the opportunity to realign himself to the things that make him the happiest, including traveling. The wanderluster enjoys getting immersed in different cultures and putting himself out of his comfort zone. He has traveled all over the world but would have to choose between Barcelona, Spain or Phuket, Thailand as his favorite destinations.  


“It really is about knowing more about the world and about yourself, just seeing how people live and seeing their culture. It becomes a part of you going forward.”


With less than a year under his belt, Reuben has manifested the following:

  1. He made the most of the winter by traveling to Washington state and snowboarded at Whistler.

  2. After waiting to find a new job that excites him, Reuben received an amazing new job position at Hawaiian Electric Company.

  3. To expand his knowledge, Reuben gave himself the goal of reading 30 books in one year. Within three months, he has already read 15.

  4. Before starting his new job, Reuben could never find the time to go hiking. Now, he has the time to go every other week and hikes with his new coworkers.

  5. Maintaining his financial needs, he hit his income goal for the year.

Reuben hopes to manifest a new home next as he prepares to get married to the love of his life and start a new chapter. He also wants to focus on creating a new income goal, dream of new travel destinations including eating dinner at the Eiffel Tower and starting new hobbies. While Hawaiian Electric Company has become another blessing in his life, Reuben hopes to become a consultant later in life where where he can make his own hours but still be able to be involved in projects he wants to work on. He aspires to work remotely, anywhere in the world so he can continue exploring the world without worrying about his job or finances. His biggest drive revolves around wanting to learn and improve himself physically, mentally and spiritually.

“Working with Tiare has a been a breath of fresh air.”


Ever since he created his first dreamboard, Reuben shared that his life improved exponentially. He started focusing on things that would be healthy and beneficial. Everything just clicked after dreamboarding.

“It’s a life changer. It gave me more confidence in that it gave me more control. You can control your destiny and you can gain the trust to manifest it.”



Even at a young age, Angela Aguirre always shown signs of a developer. “I see the positivity in everyone, including their positive traits and gifts.” She wanted to develop that in someone and give people an opportunity to work on their talents and have them bring out their full potential. After feeling unfulfilled working in Las Vegas, she wanted to start something more nourishing and knew that she wanted a mentorship role. Angela took the initiative to see a therapist to talk and discover her true calling where she first learned about life coaching.

Once she began researching more about the opportunity, Angela became excited and found a global Neuro Linguistic Programming, also known as NLP. She went through the certifications and loved it overall, beginning her journey to becoming a life coach in 2011.  


“I am woman’s leadership coach and I love to redefine the definition of leadership as to encourage and not settling for the status quo anymore. It’s about choosing to practice personal bravery and evolving. That is leadership to me.”

“I’m a huge advocate of being able to daily practice, something you do intentional everyday.”

This life coach holds a high standard of being intentional and bringing that practice to her clients. She shares how intentionality could range anywhere from daily meditation practice, running, sitting by a window or even journaling at night.

“When you practice, it’s not just something you do but it’s something you become. You make the best version of yourself daily. You can prioritize yourself. As busy as you get, how many errands you need to get done, or how long your to-do list is, at least you did something intentional for yourself.”

Angela met Tiare Thomas through a mutual friend in Los Angeles and after getting to know one another, Tiare guided her through public speaking where Angela eventually received a break though. On that same trip, Angela supported her new friend at a dreamboard workshop and made her very first dreamboard. Ever since, the two have done collaborations with one another, supporting one another to do their very best in life.

“The level of attention she gives to really get to what it is that you want, and why you would want it, and the excitement you get from creating a dreamboard. It’s empowering; a sense of empowerment that you can cultivate things now and not someday. You open facets of your life that you may have not been aware of or have not really paid attention to.”

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 2.12.25 AM.png

Since her experiences working with Tiare, Angela has manifested the following:

  1. Oprah has always embodied the type of person Angela wanted to emulate. The same year that she put the famous role model on her dreamboard, Oprah went on tour and both Angela and Tiare received the opportunity to see her.
  2. She never knew when she would have the chance to visit Machu Picchu, Peru but Angela finally got the chance to travel there for her anniversary with her husband.

  3. When she got pregnant with her daughter a few years back, Angela actually placed a picture of a woman giving birth to her child in a bathtub. Once it became time for her to deliver, Angela ended up giving a homebirth to her beautiful daughter.


“Manifesting is about being clear about what you see and what you wanted and how it makes you feel. It’s about being able to show intention.”

While Angela has manifested many more things in her life, she would like to manifest a New Year’s Eve women’s only retreat next. Her vision for this retreat would take place in a tropical place or somewhere in the mountains for five days and four nights. She hopes to create an intentional empowerment retreat out of it to celebrate the completion of a whole year. Along with that, she also wants to become a speaker for 1440 Multiversity day retreats and hold a retreat for a women’s circle on how to empower women. Angela also hopes to complete her book in the near future which she has worked on for two years.

“I feel empowered and I feel my potential and it shows me that I have the capacity to receive. I have faith in the law of attraction because I see it time and time again.”


“Having a dreamboard has been very complimentary in my personal practice. Having this visual reminder in my office and keeping it current, I am clear on my values and what I’m committed to. That level of saturation has shown me that I can manifest quickly.”

If you want to focus on female empowerment and finding your best self, head over to Angela’s website to find out how.

Dreamboarding & Brunch At Herringbone Waikiki


This past Sunday, Aloha Dreamboard manifested the opportunity to host a dreamboard workshop at Herringbone in Waikiki! The opportunity came about when the restaurant approached Life Design Coach Tiare Thomas about doing a workshop. Ecstatic, she agreed and before Herringbone could even start officially marketing the event, the workshop sold out and began a waiting list.

With an Instagram worthy location to set the mood, this mini workshop session fit the perfect Sunday activity for ladies of all ages to come together and support one another in their goals and dreams. Aloha Dreamboard’s first workshop collaboration with Herringbone attracted about 20 women who felt ready to focus on themselves for a few hours and discover their true desires in creating their dream life. The atmosphere in the space truly embodied support and empowerment as the participants opened up to one another and shared what came up for them during the guided visualization and journaling portion of the workshop. They encouraged one another as they showed each other their dreamboard work in progress. To end the event on a perfect note, everyone stayed for lunch and continued to make connections over a delicious meal.


Tiare hopes Aloha Dreamboard will continue this collaboration with Herringbone and expand its workshop services to cater to the Japanese tourists. To stay in the know when the next Herringbone workshop will take place, visit our Services page or sign-up for our weekly newsletter.

In the meantime, take a peek below for an insight of this beautiful workshop opportunity at Herringbone.


Photo Credit: Lance Arinaga