Self Care & Manifesting Summer Retreats

Self Care & Manifesting Summer Retreats


Summer Retreats

Spread The Aloha Tour 2016 at Studio Lotus 8

Our advance dreamboard workshop was held at Studio Lotus 8 on 9/4/16. We were happy to have a few people who joined us who were returning for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and even 5th time.

9月4日にヨガスタジオ、Lotus 8 で上級者様のドリームボードワークショップを行いました。2回、3回、4回、なんと5回目の参加の方もいらっしゃいました!

Kahelelani, joined us all the way from Hawaii.  This was her third time participating in our workshops. She shared with the class her experiences with manifesting and dream boarding. Since she began dreamboarding with us, she has had many of her dreams come true, including getting married, advancing in her work, and traveling to Japan four times in the past two years.

Another woman shared that since she began attending our dreamboard workshops, she has had many of her dreams come true, including learning to cook more, doing more yoga, and attracting the man of her dreams. She also announced some exciting news! She is now engaged and planning for their wedding!

This work we do and message we share is very special to our team. And the most rewarding part about it is when we have the pleasure of hearing the stories from our students about their journey and how their dreams have come true.



こうして皆さんが夢が叶いました!と言う体験談を他の生徒さんたちとシェアーして下さる事で他の生徒さんが 夢を叶える事に自信が持てたり、勇気づけられたりととても良い影響があるのです。もちろん、私達Aloha Dreamboardチームもワークショップをしている中で1番嬉しいのは、皆さんが笑顔で夢が叶いました!と体験談をシェアーしてくれることです。

Mahalo Studio Lotus 8 for allowing us the opportunity to share our work in Japan. We are so grateful!

Lotus 8 さん、こうして日本でワークショップを開催する機会を下さって有難うございました!心より感謝しています。

SPREAD THE ALOHA TOUR 2016 SCHEDULE with Angela Maki & Tiare Thomas

Aloha Family and Friends,

Another year has gone by and we are gearing up for our upcoming Spread The Aloha Tour in Japan this summer. Our founder and life coach, Tiare Thomas will be teaming up with our dear friend, model, and yogini, Angela Maki Vernon again to share dreamboard and yoga workshops across the country, including Shizuoka, Fuji, Tokyo, Shonan and Koyasan.

We set our intentions to create a peaceful and healing experience for your mind and body. Our combined dreamboard and yoga workshops are perfect for you if you are looking to gain clarity on things that you value in life and to create more space in your life for health and abundance.

People have shared that since they last attended one of our workshops their life has changed in a positive way in their love and relationship, career, financially, and most importantly their health and happiness.

あっと言う間に一年が去り、今年もSpread The Aloha Tourのシーズンがやってきました!ライフコーチのティアレトーマスと彼女の親友でもあるモデル&ヨギーニのアンジェラ磨紀バーノンがドリームボードとヨガのワークショップを静岡、富士、東京、湘南と高野山で開催していきます!



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