Introducing Dreamer of the Month

Day dreaming is creative energy on overdrive. It floods your mind with, “What would I do if I won the lottery? Where would I go if I could travel the world? What could I accomplish if I could get myself out of this rut?”

But to make your day dreams work for you, you need to do one important thing: Believe.

That's why we came up with Dreamer of the Month. To give you an extra dose of magic to boost your creative power, we'll introduce you to one person every month who has turned their day dreams into dream boards, and their dream boards into totally real, totally tangible lives.


You can stick a wad of cash on your dream board, but to make that cash appear in your bank account, you’ll need that oomph. That extra dose of faith. That undeniable, tingly feeling in your belly that tells you, this is real. This is mine. This is what I deserve.

But where do you find that special sauce that’ll magically make you believe? Sadly, like most things in life, there’s no quick fix or secret key. Everyone arrives to that point of undeniable faith on their own road, in their own ways, with their own journey.

Once you get there on your own, once you feel it, all of life's puzzle pieces — or in our case, all the pieces on your dream board — start materializing one by one. 

And what better way to jumpstart your energy to manifest with real stories of real people, just like you, who once had a pretty little day dream and turned it into so much more.

Say hello to our Dreamer of the Month.

photo courtesy  Lauren Easley

photo courtesy Lauren Easley

Editor's note: It may seem cheesy to have the founder as the first dreamer of the month, but I found it fitting. Tiare learned about manifesting in her mid-twenties when her life came to an abrupt stop. Forced to start anew, a friend introduced her to the art of vision boards. Seven years later, she turned this life-transforming craft into a growing legacy.

If there’s anyone who’s a natural dreamer, it’s Tiare Thomas. 

It Began With An End

In 2008, Tiare Thomas’s world had fallen apart.

She had been married, had her own business, owned a house and multiple cars. Then, suddenly, it was all gone — the relationship, the home, and the world she built. That year, she was forced to move back to her hometown of Waikiki and start over. Problem was, she didn’t know how.

“I was unclear. I had no desires and felt completely disconnected to who I was,” Tiare, who was a model at the time, says. “I had no idea what I was going to do next.”

As the year passed with still nothing, Tiare’s friend Noelani Love, invited her over to help her find direction with a vision board.

Under Noelani's direction, Tiare took a stack of magazines and cut out the things she wanted to bring into her new life. She glued images of Japan (a place she’d longed to visit), a fit woman in a bikini (she wished to lose the 30 pounds she gained in a short and stressful six months), and a photo of a surfer being interviewed by another surfer (she was once a competitive surfer who was always on camera, but public speaking crippled her with anxiety and she had since lost touch with her love of surfing).

As she scanned through the pictures, she felt a sense of relief.

“I realized I was in total control of choosing to manifest the things that I believed would bring me happiness,” Tiare says. “I felt liberated and addicted to designing the next chapter of my life.”

“I felt liberated and addicted to designing the next chapter of my life.”

Two and a half weeks after she created her first vision board, Tiare got a call from a coordinator she had worked with as a model. She asked if Tiare wanted to be featured in a 30-minute segment for a Japanese TV show called “Surf Lani."

By the time the call was over, Tiare was in awe. Within mere minutes, she was able to check off some of the most major things on her dream board.

“I realized this was only the beginning and I was excited to see what was going to happen next,” Tiare said.

In 2009, Tiare poses with her first dream board along with her friend Noelani and her son.

What Gives?

Tiare’s first experience with turning her vision board into a reality is an extreme one. After all, you may wonder, how many times have we put something on our wish list and never see it come to be?

What made this magic happen for Tiare, I believe, is the moment she started understand her own power. It’s when she realized: I was in total control to manifest the things that would bring me happiness.

That belief and feeling is the element I see time and time again that separates those who successfully manifest their dream lives with those who don’t.

People who feel true bliss when they decide that they have the power to create what they want are usually the ones who end up getting to do just that. 

Call it the Law of Attraction or, if you’re more of a realist, call it that endless, optimistic drive that a person embodies when they are chasing after their goals. (I personally think it’s a combination of both, with a tendency to believe in the magic.)

Seven years and eleven vision boards, Tiare has turned this initial feeling of magic into a lifelong career of helping people feel it too. So, what gives?

“It was believing and trusting in the process that enhanced my chances of my dreams coming true,” Tiare says.

And I believe her.

Now, before you jump into dream boarding, or even attempting to manifest at all, ask yourself:

Do you believe that you have the power to make your dream life truly yours?